Zodiac Signs That Go Well Together

By Ashley Ferraro Sep 25, 2023
One of the most exciting aspects of diving into your horoscope is sign compatibility. If you’ve felt misguided or lost in past relationships, perhaps it’s time to trust your zodiac chart and tune into the wisdom of the stars.

Zodiac Signs That Go Well Together

Your zodiac sign can give you a wealth of insight into yourself. However, it can also act as a thoughtful guide through friendship and love compatibility, as all of the zodiacs have their ideal pairing. The truth is, some signs are destined to be together, and others will crash and burn when their paths collide. The most compatible signs are unified by the elements, but we’ve managed to list some other great matches that can’t be ignored. 

Taurus and Cancer enjoy spending time together even if it's in bed and don't need much but each other to keep them happy.
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Taurus and Cancer

The best part of a Cancer and Taurus relationship is that it doesn’t take much to keep it going. That’s not to say these two are boring; they’re just mature enough to realize what they want from their relationship. When put in the same room, Taurus and Cancer are happy with simplicity—hanging out, eating, or just relaxing. There is no pressure to take things to the extreme because they are simply content in each other’s company. This relationship usually is calm and rational because each is extremely sensitive toward the other’s needs. They have no trouble discussing their feelings like they might with other signs. Even when Cancer and Taurus are together as friends, there’s a lot to gain from their combined reliability and protectiveness. 

Gemini and Aquarius have one of the most meaningful friendships, as they can laugh and talk all day without getting tired of one another.
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Gemini and Aquarius

A Gemini and Aquarius love saga is almost cinematic. These two will feed off each other’s intense passion and ability to feel deeply, which can also lead to arguments and fights. However, each time the Water Bearer and the Twins make up, and their bond becomes stronger. The relationship between the two signs is balanced out by Gemini’s need for thrill and Aquarius’ ability to hash out their grandiose ideas and elaborate schemes. Outsiders might call them toxic, but they don’t care. Even in friendship, this compatibility thrives due to their extraordinary levels of intelligence. These Air signs could get lost in conversation for hours, and even though it may escalate to a debate, that fiery communication is what keeps them in sync.

Leo and Sagittarius spend quality time together by painting or embracing their creativity in other ways.
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Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius's compatibility stems from the creative harmony they feel when they’re together. These two constantly encourage each other to strive to the great lengths they would have never been able to achieve on their own. The truth is, Leo only sees clearly when their Sagittarius counterpart is around, which is why these two seem inseparable. At the same time, the Archer can learn from the Lion's natural charm and likability. These two Fire signs will quickly fall into a passionate love but, in doing so, must learn to be patient with each other’s emotional needs, especially since Sagittarius has trouble communicating them. Outsiders are often intrigued by watching these signs tackle life together, whether in romance or friendship. Leo and Sagittarius as friends are always the most powerful and attractive in a room, given their combined social nature and fun-loving personalities.

Libra and Gemini lovers find comfort in the trust and freedom that their relationship offers.
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Libra and Gemini

Libra and Gemini love is easy and natural. As Air signs, these two prefer to keep things as laid back and enjoyable as possible, meaning drama is out of the question. Given the strong sense of trust holding the Gemini and Libra relationship together, each is able to experience a freedom they might not ever get from someone else. As both lovers and as friends, these two share an unmatched level of intellectual compatibility. Both signs are bursting with ideas, but Gemini benefits from Libra’s guidance and get-up-and-go attitude when it comes to bringing their visions to reality. Most importantly, the Scales do an excellent job balancing the Twins' often frantic and sporadic moods and behaviors. At the same time, Gemini teaches Libra how to be carefree and fun, so both can finally release their inhibitions when they’re together. 

Two very sensitive signs, Cancer and Scorpio feel safe and secure when they're cuddled up together.
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Cancer and Scorpio

The Cancer and Scorpio connection is rooted in their unique sense of communication. In most cases, these two can express themselves to one another without even using words. Given their nature as sensitive beings, Cancer and Scorpio are afraid to let their guards down. However, they can finally find safety in the arms of one another. This sense of security makes both signs feel incredibly comfortable and free when they’re together, a sensation that can make the relationship feel addictive. Scorpio feeds off the stability Cancer gives them. At the same time, Cancer craves the deep emotional connection that they might only ever find from their fellow Water sign, Scorpio. Cancer and Scorpio couples often share what some might describe as a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual connection. 

Taurus and Capricorn friends enjoy chatting and spending quality time together on spur-of-the-moment adventures.
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Capricorn and Taurus

The compatibility between Capricorn and Taurus comes down to their individual values. The Bull values creativity and expression, while the Goat values wealth and materialism. As Earth signs, they both thrive with structure and stability and find this particular relationship intellectually stimulating. This is also true for the Taurus and Capricorn friendship, which never experiences a dull moment. Together, these signs can build a fruitful relationship of financial success and true fulfillment, as no one understands a Capricorn better than a Taurus. When these two signs break up or end their friendship, it’s typically due to unhealthy communication, as both signs are somewhat reserved when it comes to expressing their emotions. 

A Scorpio woman and Pisces man first come together based on physical attraction and soon realize how much they can learn from one another.
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Pisces and Scorpio

The Pisces and Scorpio relationship is so strong due to their intense physical chemistry. Although this means their romance may start on the surface level, they’ll realize that their passion for one another goes deeper as they spend more time together. Scorpio’s complex and often erratic behavior is balanced out by the gentle and patient Pisces. As the more realistic sign of the two, the Scorpion relishes in guiding the Fishes toward fulfilling their wildest dreams and fantasies. In return, Pisces shows Scorpio kindness and the joys of simple living. These Water signs typically share similar interests and hobbies, so even just in friendship, they can experience an exciting and fulfilling bond. 

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