Zodiac Signs in Numerology

By Diana Oct 01, 2019
Check what number is associated with your sign and learn more about your personality!

Numerology is a way to understand one's personality with the help of numbers. You may already know your life-path number. But did you know that each number is connected to a certain zodiac sign and ruling planet? Find out your personal number and its corresponding zodiac sign to illuminate the deepest corners of your soul!

Number 1

Zodiac sign – ♌ Leo 
Ruling planet – ☀️ Sun

The first number of the numeric sequence is the bedrock of all numbers. Number 1 is the personal number for the people born on 1, 10, 19, and 28th. It symbolizes ambition and assertion. People whose number is 1 have a positive disposition and always see the bright side of life. They achieve power and success thanks to their patience and hard work. Their strong willpower helps them succeed no matter what. Despite their numerous positive traits, those who are born under this number tend to possess such negative traits as weakness, laziness, and fearfulness.

Number 2


Zodiac sign – Cancer 
Ruling planet – Moon

Number 2 represents duality. For those people who are born on 2, 11, 20, and 29th, number 2 is their personal number. As the term duality suggests, this number is a mix of opposites: the good and the bad, loss and gain, the masculine and the feminine. Due to its connection to the Moon which has only a reflected light and none of its own, people born under number 2 often fall under the influence of others. For them, success is possible under the direction of their mentors. These people are prone to excessive emotions, indecision, and weakness.

Number 3

Zodiac sign – Sagittarius and Pisces 
Ruling planet – Jupiter

Number 3 symbolizes a triangle, three sides of which represent matter, force, and consciousness. It is the personal number for the people who are born on 3, 12, 21, and 30th. Number 3 stands for materialization and procreation. People born under this number are usually attractive and famous. Their most prominent traits are ambitiousness and ruthlessness. And they are also highly responsible. These people always follow the rules and value discipline in life above all. Their drawbacks may include gloominess, laziness, and prodigality. And it seems that number 2 representatives make more enemies than friends.

Number 4


Zodiac sign – Leo 
Ruling planet – Sun

Number 4 represents a stable foundation. Thanks to its connection to the Sun and zodiac sign of Leo, people born under this number share some qualities of number 1 representatives. Number 4 is the personal number for people who are born on 4, 13, 22, and 31st. These people keep their promises and look to the future with hope. Their practical vision helps them attain good social status. More often than not, people born under number 4 turn out to be lucky and fortunate. Among their negative qualities, pickiness and inability to relax are the most common traits.

Number 5

Zodiac sign – Gemini and Virgo 
Ruling planet – Mercury

Number 5 symbolizes energy and, sometimes, falsehood. The meaning of falseness rises from its connection to Mercury, the embodiment of uncertainty and fickleness. For those people who are born on 5, 14, and 23rd, number 5 is their personal number. These people possess a lot of energy, but easily get distracted. Rather than following other people's schemes and strategies, number 5 representatives prefer to make their own plans. These people are curious, versatile, and adventurous. On the one hand, they have good management skills. But on the other hand, they are sometimes too hasty and irresponsible.

Number 6


Zodiac sign – Taurus and Libra 
Ruling planet – Venus

Thanks to the influence of Venus, number 6 stands for peace and harmony. Number 6 is the personal number for the people who are born on 6, 15, and 24th. Representatives of this number appreciate everything beautiful. Quite often, their emotions get the better of them. In a word, practical thinking is not their cup of tea. Obstinate by nature, these people focus on one aim and can't be distracted. People born under number 6 should be careful with their desires as their thirst for pleasure may push them over the edge.

Number 7

Zodiac sign – Cancer and Pisces 
Ruling planet – Moon

Number 7 represents intuition and mysticism. For those people who are born on 7, 16, and 25th, number 7 is their personal number. These people are considered to be sophisticated intellectuals, whose way of thinking is above the ordinary run of mankind. They don't just believe the words they are told, but rather see beyond the surface. Number 7 representatives are somewhat introverted. Their intelligence remains hidden throughout the early stage of their lives, but over the years it grows gradually helping them reach their full potential.

Number 8


Zodiac sign – Capricorn and Aquarius
Ruling planet – Saturn

Number 8 stands for balance and abundance. Due to its connection to Saturn, number 8 is often believed to be ominous. Number 8 is the personal number for people who are born on 8, 17, and 26th. Thanks to Saturn’s influence, number 8 representatives are deep thinkers with exceptional creative abilities. However, when Saturn retrogrades, they become prone to melancholy and failures. People born under number 8 are highly independent and never resort to any kind of help or guidance. They are also thoughtful and sensitive.

Number 9

Zodiac sign – Aries and Scorpio
Ruling planet – Mars

The largest digit, number 9, represents regeneration. For those people who are born on 9, 18, and 27, number 9 is their personal number. A strong Mars gives the representatives of this number motivation, shrewdness, and generosity. While when Mars is weak, people born under this number may lose emotional balance and become selfish. These people are extremely courageous, and that's why they are so popular with military services. However, they should remember that their fearlessness may do a disservice to them. These people make invaluable friends and dreaded enemies.

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