Your Summer Horoscope!

June 21 – July 22

This summer – especially from June 24 till August 8 – powerful Mars will endow you with sexual energy. A moment like this will only come your way in two-year’ time, so don’t you waste the unique opportunity. Your stamina and self-confidence are as high as ever, making anything you start a success. Your irresistible appeal is sure to attract the one you are interested in almost effortlessly, so don’t shy away and make the first step towards the relationship of your life! With things successful and promising, make sure you pay attention to two particular dates – July 14 and August 4, as the influence of planets will bring you loneliness and disappointment in your romantic perspectives, especially if you are single or your relationship is new. Those who have a steady relationship should be careful around July 1, as the Full Moon will charge you and your partner with extra emotion and fuel the idea of breaking up, if it is already on your mind. End the relationship if you feel it’s best for both of you or spend a little time apart and have a fresh start on July 15, when the New Moon gives you a more optimistic view of your life!

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