Your Romantic April Horoscope

By Nataly Porter Apr 01, 2024
With April already here, we keep asking ourselves what changes we can expect. Is the month going to be better, lighter, happier, and more promising than March? What romantic changes and opportunities is it going to bring? Let’s dig into the matter together to check if it’s a love failure or a new affair awaiting you soon!


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Although asteroid Juno is still the only planet in your relationship sector, and it goes retrograde now, April is going to be very promising for Aries natives. On April 8, the Full Moon can add some tension remaining in your relationship sector, but the negative influence will be neutralized. Juno, while being just an asteroid, is a celestial body responsible for commitment. It is the first reason why April is going to be not only a romantic month but the first one in the line of romantic months, too. Saturn and Mars in your relationship sector will help Juno make your love life brighter, too. Mars, even more than Saturn, will also be responsible for your friendly connections. However, it’s Venus that’s going to play the main role. It enters your relationship sector on April 4 and will stay there for 24 days, helping you cope with tensions and misunderstandings that will appear. 

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In April, it’s Venus, your ruling planet and the planet of love, that’s going to run things. Last year, it came to Taurus in May only and stayed there until June. This year, however, it leaves on April 4, having spent 30 days in the sign – long enough to make all your romantic expectations come true. The Moon comes to its and your help, too – it will come full circle just a few days after Venus leaves your sign, giving you another chance to revise your prospects. The Moon will stay in your romantic sector from April 5 to April 7 and in your relationship sector from April 7 to April 11, making these dates especially important for you and your partner. In general, your romantic life will be very fierce in April. The harmony of married life will become less important than your career matters. Mercury can help you cope with problems helping you communicate with your spouse successfully. 


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Juno has been staying in the romantic sector of your chart since November. It turned retrograde in January and will remain there until September. It brings your relationship the desired support and, accompanied by Saturn, becomes a symbol of adventure and passion in your love life. Venus comes back to your sign, too, and this planet of love is going to be even more promising than you might have expected. Together, Saturn, Venus, and Mars that joins them, too, will make your love life much easier than it was before. You’ll finally reach the long-desired understanding with your spouse, especially during the second and third weeks of the month. Venus will also help single Gemini guys who will be able to use their communicative skills to find the right one.


For Cancer people, April becomes the first month without Saturn in their relationship sector in over two years. Mars has also left this sector of your sign on March 31, which means less passion is expected to rule you in April. While Saturn leaving can add more pressure to you and your relationships, Mars leaving is going to make your love life calmer and more stable than before. The time is perfect for thinking over your past decisions and making new ones. After April 20, the Sun will positively influence your love life, making it especially harmonious. Single Cancerians will look for harmony in their new relationships; they will probably try to find their special ones in the meetings in this or that way connected with philanthropy and spiritual issues. On the one hand, the chances of building strong relationships in March are not very strong; on the other hand, you’ll feel very comfortable in the company of your old friends. 

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Mars and Venus will positively influence your love life in April; however, they can become the source of some problems, too. The reason for some troubles in your relationships can be found in your career sector, so try to make sure you don’t spend all your free time at work and give enough attention to those who you love. Single Leos will get many chances to meet a special one at a social gathering or among their close friends. It will be up to them to decide if they need to start a new romantic relationship or if they can live for some time just by themselves. When the Sun leaves your sign, the dwarf planet Ceres will remain in it, allowing you to reassess what you need in your relationship. Besides, April will become the time that you can use to get ready for something greater than has ever happened to you. 


In April, you can make the relationship with your partner more comfortable if you manage to establish good communication with him or her. Your other half will find it easier to express his or her opinion and will be fair with you. To make your marriage happier, try to add more romance to it and more passion, too. Single Virgo representatives will receive plenty of opportunities to start a romantic relationship. Jupiter together with Pluto will brighten your relationship and make it look more like fun than like a deep commitment. It’s possible to find your future significant other in your workplace, too. If you’re currently in a relationship, in April, it will only flourish. 

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Your love life will be very auspicious this April. You will do your best to please your partner. Mars, a warrior planet, will bring more aggression to your relationship and will make your relationship more passionate. Single Libra reps will get numerous opportunities to meet their significant others and the best places for it are various celebrations and social events. It’s also possible that you’ll fall in love with somebody with different traditions or of a different religion. If you’re in a relationship now, it will be filled with happiness and content. Despite the fact the Sun will leave your sign by April 20, Mercury will come back on April 11 reserving the focus on your romantic relationship. 


Dear Scorpio, if you let your other half be proactive in April, your relationship will move to the next level. If you’re married, your marriage will be filled with romance and sensuality during the month. However, Venus will go retrograde up to April 20, bringing some ambiguity into your love life. April is an encouraging month for singles as they can meet the special one on every single day of the month. There are big chances you’ll meet him or her at work. If your current relationship hasn’t been stable previously, now the chances are big it will get more meaningful.   

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Dear Sag, Mars, and Venus are sure to make you and your spouse even closer to each other this April. Don’t be afraid of being adventurous, and don’t be afraid of discussing even the most unpleasant subjects, and it will help you make your dialogue more effective. Before April 19, single Sags had very good chances of being found by the right person. It’s possible to meet the one while traveling. Your charisma will be as strong as never before and will make it much easier for you to attract the opposite sex. However, don’t forget about the influence of Mars that can bring some trouble into your relationships, both new and already existing ones. 


In April, Venus will make love matters much more pleasant for you, dear Capricorn. If you want your relationship to be harmonious, please give less attention to the financial side of life and more of it to the romantic one. To make your marriage stronger and more intimate, just spend more time with your spouse in the calmness of your home. After April 20th, single Caps will get a good chance of finding the one they’ve been looking for. You can meet him or her at your workplace, too. However, don’t get too excited about the fact, as this potential partner may not be the one or may not be the one able to support you. 

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Up to April 20, your marital life is going to be peaceful and calm. However, after the date, some financial problems are possible, and they can consequently lead to some troubles in relationships. Your partner will be occupied with his or her job most of the time, and it can become a reason for your quarrels and misunderstandings, too. Venus will help single Aquarius people and will send them lots of romantic opportunities. It’s up to you, dear Aquarius, to decide whether they suit you or not; don’t forget that creative people are the ones that suit you most and try to look for the possible significant other among those who belong to the group. If you’re in a stable relationship, the chances are extremely high in April that it will lead you to marriage. 


Dear Pisces, your married life will not be so bright in April as Mars and Venus remain passive. However, single Pisces reps will have lots of chances to meet a special one due to their exceptional communicative skills they will have many chances to display. Love is not so far from you, though – you can meet the one at a social gathering or somewhere not far from your home. Mercury will play its role, too, turning you into a rather unstable person and making it harder for you to finish your old relationships and start a new one. No planetary activity in your relationship sector this April will result in no great changes – just relax and take it easy!

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