Who are you in a romantic relationship?

December 22 – January 19

The workaholics of the zodiac can find it the hardest thing to establish the proper balance between their job and their family life. For a serious Cap, love is not just romance – it’s a serious business with definite aims and a strict plan to stick to. Another important fact about caps is that they’d rather stay alone than waste time changing partners. On the other hand, they’re eager to start a family and it can be a reason why they don’t spend time choosing a good spouse. Several marriages that follow one another are not rare when we speak about Capricorns. For a Capricorn, status means a lot; a thing you value most – money, good looks, or a college degree – should be a thing your lifelong partner possesses in spades. You often act as the “rock” of your family which can become a problem for workaholic Caps. We know you love your job but don’t forget that your family needs you, too.

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