Which tattoo suits your zodiac sign?

By Paul Barrett Sep 06, 2022
Is there a connection between tattoos and zodiac signs? There are some hints on which tattoo each sign can get.

How can your tattoo and zodiac sign be connected?

Some people think you can just choose a random tattoo because it's mere body art and nothing more. However, this so-called 'body art' is an essential part of your life - it can affect your way of thinking, behavior, and even fate! 

Tattoo for zodiac signs


You can't really name someone more solid and ambitious than Arians. These people do know what they want and what they can get. They're straightforward and unyielding, just like… arrows! It would be nice to show everyone your will and ambitions, so you can put an arrow on your forearm, for example. 

You probably need a good lead if you feel puzzled or don't understand where you should go next. What can lead you better than stars? It can be single beautiful stars, constellations, or even planets. The very best thing in this option is minimalism. Beauty can be simple yet charming. 

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Sometimes it's better to have a vivid imagination and a lot of free time rather than a structured and strict daily routine. Taureans prefer not to know but to dream. A fascinating landscape, for example, steep mountain peaks or highland rivers, can show your attitude to life and give some airiness to yourself and your companions. 

A flock of birds is also a great choice for Taurus. They symbolize your unstoppable imagination, your thirst for the unattainable and sublime. 

You can also experiment and make a Venus tattoo. Does it make any sense? Well, Venus, who is the Roman goddess of love, rules Taurus. So adding Venus can bring more love and beauty into your life. Sounds nice, doesn't it?


These guys understand the concept of life's duality. Sometimes they can be tricksters; sometimes, they're the ones to be tricked. They're expressive, emotional, full of energy, and willing to live properly. Their tattoos must match this crazy life pace without overwhelming their emotions. Wave is a great one for Gemini if you ask. It directs you in the right way and helps you always stay positive. 

A butterfly is the best tattoo for people who need some more lightness in their life. Anybody can be tired of the volcano of emotions. A butterfly helps you stay positive without completely changing your life. It's just your little beam of light in any situation. 

Tattoo for zodiac signs


No Cancer requires motivation because everything they do can motivate them. They always have some great and unsurprisingly difficult-to-implement plans. It's easy, but a small and inconspicuous crab is what they need. How so? They don't have to prove anything to anybody but to themselves. And if they want this little crab, they will get it! That is just a way that any Cancer thinks.

However, it's not easy to constantly handle all the challenges that life gives you. We are not machines, and we need some proper rest. A silent, lonely yet self-sufficient Moon will be a great reminder that sometimes it's good to be calm and patient. Moon also rules Cancer, so it's a perfect way of controlling your emotions that are sometimes irrepressible.

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Mighty, calm, and well respected. Just like a lion, any Leo is used to hearing such adjectives. They are sociable people who rate themselves very high. A lion tattoo will be a bit cliché, but without arguing, a great sign of your inner strength and confidence. 

Please don't go too far - don't add a crown to your lion, don't make it look like a Simba or any other well-known character, and just add some personal details. It's just your tattoo, and it shouldn't look like a tattoo from Pinterest that anybody can use. You can also use some geometry and give that lion an angular shape. It will show people your mighty will and sense of beauty. 


They're sensible, subtle, and sensual natures who collect a memory of every insignificant thing that happened to them. For them, life is a wave of emotions and love. They do feel the world differently and require some unique tattoos. If you're in a relationship and want to show your love to your partner and the world, you should consider the infinity sign. Understandably, you want to write down your partner's name, but it would be better not to. The stars recommend avoiding that.

A simple but charming heart is a great choice as well. It shows your emotions, your dignity, your sensuousness. It can be detailed, minimalistic, or even something in between - the most important thing is what you think will show your inner self. 

Tattoo for zodiac signs


Full of wisdom and deliberateness, Librans prefer balanced decisions. What can be better for such a reasonable person than a quote from a favorite book? Be cautious with this quote, as it will accompany you all your life. Every single word must have a proper meaning. Your back is a great location for a tattoo because it can accommodate the longest, most puzzling, and intriguing quotes.

Something quite important must happen if Libra decided to make a tattoo. An anchor - bulky and immovable - can symbolize the will of Libra and become a great first tattoo. The best place for an anchor will probably be a forearm.


Scorpio is a sign of strong, ambitious people who are not afraid of fighting back. Their tattoos must show this ardent and live nature, but don't make them too aggressive. If it wasn't colorful with other signs, it's completely different this time - red, orange, green, and purple are highly welcome. Experiment with shades in the way you like to!

Show you non-reconciliation, your inner riot to the world! Flames, daggers, roses - use everything that comes to your mind. It's great to let off steam and release emotions through tattoos. 

By the way, Scorpio is one of the emotional signs of the Zodiac. Find your most dominant emotion now!


There's a new world to explore, and Sagittarians feel this way. They're enthusiastic, always open to investigating something untouched, and enjoy telling people about that unique life experience. The first option for a tattoo is a favorite character. It's not that important whether it's a cartoon or a TV series you used to watch as a kid. 

We can suggest something old but gold for mythology lovers - a classic centaur. It would be great not to restrict yourself and add some extra details: stars, constellations, or some memorable numbers - just make every small particle of this art personal and valuable for yourself.  

Tattoo for zodiac signs


These guys do know the true meaning of determination, don't they? Unlike other signs, Capricorns enjoy communicating mostly with similar people who can give them more motivation and help with achieving some new goals. The sun can be a perfect solution for a tattoo as it's an unreachable peak and an eternal source of inspiration! The choice of color is not that difficult because you have two basic options: black and yellow. You can probably mix, but it would be better to make a choice and select one. 

Do you enjoy green landscapes? A tree, big and full of verdant fresh leaves, can be a brilliant tattoo for your back. It's a symbol of refreshing and becoming better year by year. 

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Aquarians are dreamy personalities who often do not want to perceive reality as it is. They get attached to people, things, and animals, and it's hard to part with them. They like stories that end well and remember every minute of an event that was important to them. It is typical for Aquarians to get a tattoo with an image of their pet. A good place for it would be a thigh. 

You can picture water pouring from the bowl or even a mermaid if you enjoy symbols. It's important not to lose a connection to aqua, so you shouldn't be afraid of saturated blue! Waves are welcome, too. 


Pisces can be soft and kind, but they show fortitude and masculinity if the situation requires it. They can stand up for themselves, proving their case and the right to be where they see fit. Therefore, Pisces, whom many perceive as phlegmatic, often make 'flashy tattoos' that say a lot about their inner world. It sounds just like Leo, doesn't it? Yes, they can even be confused sometimes. Devil in the details. Unlike Leos, Pisceans prefer much calmer tattoos. These can be beautiful and elegant swords or less aggressive stars, saying that Pisces is eager to be on top, not inferior to others.

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