Which Oscar You’ll Win, According to Your Sign

By Nataly Porter May 28, 2021
The Academy Awards ceremony the end. And this is a nice reason to check which Award you deserve. Even knowing there is hardly an Oscar coming to our pocket, why not dream a bit? We have matched the brightest nominations to all the zodiac signs and suggest you check which Oscar could adorn your mantelpiece!

Find out which Oscar you will win!


March 21 - April 19

Aries are passionate rams who lose their temper and cool down quickly. Although it doesn’t mean they’re amateurs in all their endeavors, it still suggests that inspiration rules over them and they can only execute around 5% of ideas that appear in their creative minds. This is why the Oscar for the Best Short Film is something that is able to keep their attention for a relatively short period of time and still give them a chance to express their ideas freely. Besides, Aries natives are those rare people who can pack a long narration into 40 minutes of passion and drama and still make others cry with grief or happiness. 

Which Oscar You’ll Win: Aries


April 20 - May 20

If you think of a zodiac representative who can give you the best support ever, Taurus is the first one to come to your mind. Their loyalty is almost unbeaten. Although the wild “look-at-me” energy of some signs (and of course we mean Leo) is not a thing that makes Taureans particularly happy, they still can find themselves in the center of attention. Their authority is something that makes them stand out against the background. Both for them and for others it doesn’t mean much for how long they’re on camera. The thing that really matters is the impression they produce. When the movie ends, there is just one question that you care about – who was that person? 


May 21 - June 20

First and foremost, it’s important to mention that the Gemini sign is the one who knows how to work with languages. Those born under it often become writers and journalists. Besides, the symbol of the sign is twins which means even if a sign rep can’t find an interlocutor he or she can easily communicate with himself or herself. It means that they constantly put their experiences into words and stories so if we speak about Oscars, which nomination will suit them better than Best Screenplay? No matter if it’s original or adapted, these genii can create masterpieces if they’re about storytelling. 


June 21 - July 22

Not many people know how influential Cancerians can be. Yes, drama, tears, family addiction are part and parcel of their nature as well. However, crabs can’t be called aimless nuisances who are just too sensitive to reach a lot in their lives. Quite the opposite – they’re survivals constantly searching for security and wishing to become the best. Among all Academy Awards, the Oscar for the Best Actor/Actress is the one they desire most and deserve most. It gives them a sense of agency and even a salary boost they would never refuse, too. All these things and feelings combined make Cancer a bit calmer – at least until the next challenge. 

Which Oscar You’ll Win: Cancer


July 23 - August 22

What a surprise, isn’t it? We bet you’ve been sure Leo would take Best Actor or Actress, right? Of course, Leo people are charismatic, they love to be in the center of everybody’s attention, love drama, and possess all the qualities typical of their bright zodiac sign. They can and are willing to make others look at them and adore them. However, there is one thing we shouldn’t forget – it’s not the actors who play the main role in the film; any film “belongs” to its director. It’s hard to even imagine what amounts of hard work, talent, persistence, and love are to be piled into a movie. So, if somebody leaves a personal stamp on this creation, it's certainly the film's director. In other words, the director’s vision is the boss’ vision. And who wants to be the boss if not Leo?


August 23 - September 22

The Academy Award that suits Virgo best is, of course, a technical one. Which one would work better than Best Film Editing? Perfectionistic Virgos are attentive to details love editing as it’s always connected to patience, precision, judgment, and tolerance to monotony. This is the field where Virgo can do much better than any other sign. Their unbelievably high standards and tendency to self-sacrificing make it impossible for them to compromise even on the tiniest details. Any work done or checked and edited by them will be 100% perfect to others. The Academy is of no exception.


September 23 - October 23

The planetary ruler of the sign, Venus, makes Libra natives highly aesthetic people. And who of gods and goddesses know more about fashion than the goddess of love and beauty? As we know, fashion can be described as storytelling through clothes. Traditionally, the Oscar for Best Costume is given to the films that make the clothes of their characters a very significant element of the narrative. No sign can understand the potential power of a costume better than Libra. They are able not only to create something memorable or even iconic but to weave the beauty of the outfits into the cultural part of the movie.

Which Oscar You’ll Win: Libra


October 24 - November 22

Scorpio people are incredibly private. If they only could arrange it the way they’d like to, you would see their work but not them. That’s why the Oscar that suits them best is the one for Best Animated Feature Film – people can see what they’ve created but hardly even know their faces. Besides, such films give them an opportunity to create something totally new, unrealistic, strange, or vague. One more thing that looks utterly seductive for Scorpios is the chance to manipulate what and who appears on the screen. They crave absolute freedom and enjoy every chance to rule over others. As a result, we see a marvelous work that appeals to every age and works in multiple genres.


November 23 - December 21

Sagittarians are people who love exploring new countries and cultures. Not to get bored with the world around them, they prefer to travel and learn new things from new people they meet. That’s why we believe the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film will suit Sags best. These people aren’t afraid of subtitles – instead, they’re afraid of wasting their time on something that doesn’t deserve their attention and doesn’t teach them anything new or important. Sagittarians quickly catch on things that surprise or interest them. The more complicated and inaccessible these things are, the better. A new culture is a new adventure!


December 22 - January 19

And the Oscar goes to… The most anticipated award of the night now goes to Caps! The audience is standing and applauding, tired of the long wait, but Capricorns are happy as they get what they truly deserve. Their hard work, their self-denial, and their incredible stubbornness are finally rewarded with the main gift of the Academy. Despite the fact Goats are very often shy and introverted and hardly ever want to grab attention, they want the attention of others to be directed at their creations. It makes the Best Picture the award they would enjoy to the fullest. These people don’t cut corners – on the contrary, they love to work hard and achieve their success, not just receive praise. 

Which Oscar You’ll Win: Capricorn


January 20 - February 19

This zodiac activist likes real stories more than fiction so we believe Best Documentary award is the Oscar this sign deserves most. This format helps them express their thoughts and opinions in the best possible way through many voices. In this way, the sign kills two birds with one stone – gets closer to art and expresses his or her complaints in a milder way. Aquarians use their chance to prove they’re right and if they cope with the task it’s already an honor for them. However, they will still willingly take the statue, too.


February 20 - March 20

As Pisces people are the most romantic zodiac representatives, music is something they can’t just pass by. One of the most abstract zodiac signs, they borrow strength from their intuition and otherworldly powers. It helps them see a movie from their own, peculiar viewpoint, and literally feel its meaning even before they comprehend it. Pisces are not about realism at all. They’re too sensitive for this world and prefer to look for answers in the unreal side of our life. That’s why the Oscar for the Best Original Song goes to Pisces people – they perceive movies through their soundtracks. They help our hearts feel deeper, too.  

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