What kind of ex are you, according to your zodiac sign?

By Nataly Porter Dec 08, 2022
Would you like to continue communicating with your former partner? There are different situations; sometimes, even after parting with a person, we have feelings for them. In relationships, we are loving and caring partners who want to hear each other. But who are we after the breakup? Find out what kind of ex you are according to your zodiac sign!

What kind of ex are you really?

Aries: ex with benefits

Aries ex
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A very impulsive and self-confident Aries can be spontaneous when they become an ex. If Aries suddenly wants to remember the past or flirt with a former partner, they will not restrain themselves. 

The representative of this sign will not constantly think about the past in the hope of getting everything back, but they will keep the phone number of their ex, too.

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Taurus: your best ex

Representatives of this sign are balanced people who appreciate routine. If you break up, Taurus will remain a loyal and solid friend who can help in difficult times. This is a kind of illusion of stability for Taurus because they are not ready to say goodbye to people. 

However, remember that friendship doesn't have to mean a shoulder to cry on. Taurus may have feelings for you, so be careful if you decide to come and tell them about your new partner!

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Gemini: fickle ex

The nature of Gemini is very contradictory. This quality of theirs is manifested in all areas of their lives. After parting, they can first be confident that they are not on the way with their partner. However, some time will pass, and they can start flirting with you coquettishly.

Gemini, we have a request for you: decide NOW. Not all people like to play games endlessly; sometimes, they want a calm, measured life.

Cancer: close relative-ex

Cancer ex
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Representatives of this zodiac sign value family and close relationships and are not ready to give it up just because they've broken up with a partner. Cancer will be the ex who is still calling your mom and is sometimes invited by her to dinner.

The passion between you will pass, but the relationship will remain, and perhaps, one day, you will thank your partner for staying in your life.

Leo: selfish ex

The proud Leo loves to be the center of attention. They are happy to talk about all their life situations, share their experience, and like to be listened to attentively. Leo will share their love stories, a little embellishing what has happened. 

But they will not show negative emotions or tears; you need to save face.

Virgo: your imaginary-ex

Why imaginary? Because you constantly attribute to them the qualities your partner does not possess. The nature of virgins is very gentle; their delicate mental organization cannot withstand constant pressure and tension. Probably, they felt calmer only when you broke up and they were left alone.

Libra: thks, next-ex!

Libra ex
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Adoration is important for Libra. They try not to be sad for a long time and find a new love immediately after the breakup.

Perhaps this is a defensive reaction, or they have a special attitude to life. Why should I be sad about it if it didn't work out here?

This does not mean that Libra is more prone to cheating than other zodiac signs. This means that they treat breakups as a necessary part of life to grow, develop, and gain experience.

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Scorpio: your most passionate ex

Emotional, sometimes explosive Scorpios can fall in love with themselves passionately. After parting with them, it may seem that nothing happened before them and nothing will happen after them. But this is fiction, just an illusion.

Go ahead and start a new relationship. Otherwise, your Scorpio ex will text you again, "Did you miss me?"

Sagittarius: your happy ex!

These guys won't be getting upset over old relationships. They will go on vacation, buy a boat, go on a trip around the world or get a tattoo.

They believe everything is done for the better, so there is no point in worrying about what has ended.

They have a slightly philosophical attitude to life. Don't be surprised if you see pictures of your ex on Instagram in the lotus position somewhere in Bali. They are just learning the truths of life.

Capricorn: your avoiding ex

Capricorn ex

After a breakup, Capricorn will avoid their emotions for a long time. They will try to create the illusion of happiness and delight until they believe that everything is fine with them. Capricorns are very afraid of their feelings; it seems to them that emotions make them weaker.

Therefore, you are mistaken if you think your Capricorn ex is happy without you and is calmly going through your breakup. Representatives of this sign can suffer much, but they will not tell anyone about it.

Aquarius: calm ex

Reps of this sign are sometimes very cold and seem insensitive. When it comes to ending a relationship, the native of this sign believes that this is how things should go. These people are rational and calm.

They can try to preserve this relationship, but if it does not work out, they will calmly move on.

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Pisces: sensitive ex

Pisces ex
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This sign's sensitive and attentive representative can remain in your life even after parting. They sincerely appreciate all the people in their lives and are ready to help everyone who once supported them. 

Even if it is your ex-partner, you will likely remain close people who will always find something to talk about and know how to support each other.

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