Understanding Sidereal Astrology

By Ashley Ferraro Oct 11, 2022
Did you know that you might have another rising zodiac sign? Western society has adopted a tropical system of astrology in terms of reading and understanding each zodiac sign. However, Vedic and Hindu cultures, along with other ancient civilizations, practice sidereal astrology instead.

While Western astrology relies on the moveable sky and is based on the ever-changing vernal equinox, sidereal astrology is based on the sky, which does not move. However, because the cosmos have shifted in the past few thousand years, your sidereal birth chart—and that of your partner—can look a lot different from the one you normally read.

Sidereal and tropical astrology observe the stars from a different perspective.
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Sidereal Astrology Dates

Due to this shift in position, sidereal birth dates in astrology can sometimes match constellations to different sun signs. For example, early June birthdays are Taurus rather than Gemini when looking at a sidereal astrology birth chart.

Another sizable difference in sidereal astrology is the introduction of a thirteenth sign, Ophiuchus, for those born between 12/7 and 12/18. Represented by the “serpent-bearer,” Ophiuchus is high-energy, inquisitive, and spontaneous. However, this sign can also be closed-minded and hot-headed.

Locate your sidereal astrology zodiac date below:

  • Aries: April 21 - May 12
  • Taurus: May 13 - June 19
  • Gemini: June 20 - July 16
  • Cancer: July 17 - August 6
  • Leo: August 7 - September 14
  • Virgo: September 15 - November 3
  • Libra: November 4 - November 22
  • Scorpio: November 23 - December 6
  • Ophiuchus: December 7 - December 18
  • Sagittarius: December 19 - January 19
  • Capricorn: January 20 - February 13
  • Aquarius: February 14 -  March 9
  • Pisces: March 10 - April 20
Reading your birth chart in sidereal astrology might looks different than it would in tropical astrology.
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Is Sidereal Astrology More Accurate?

Today, the tropical system reveals a 24-degree variation from the actual position of the constellations. On the other hand, sidereal astrology is based on where the constellations are actually located in the sky.

So, which is more accurate–sidereal or tropical astrology? Hindu and Vedic astrologers accept sidereal astrology to be the most accurate since it’s not swayed by our planet’s equinoxes and solstices.

However, the sidereal system is not perfect either. The constellations don’t coincide exactly with the zodiacs, leading to much ambiguity on where each sign really starts. 

When it comes down to it, both systems have merit and are subject to criticism. You should consider both tropical and sidereal astrology correct and follow the one that feels right for you.

Aside from the addition of a new sign, both tropical and sidereal astrology use the same zodiac signs.
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Zodiac Sign Compatibility In Sidereal Astrology

Zodiac sign compatibility can be a great resource for understanding relationships of any nature. That includes friendships, romances, and professional relationships.

Although sidereal and tropical zodiac signs are based on different dates, each sign shares the same qualities in either system. For example, a Capricorn in both systems is sensitive and practical. However, if you’re looking at your sidereal astrology chart, you might find that you’re not even a Capricorn! Maybe you’re an optimistic and creative Aquarius. 

Astrological sign compatibility operates the same in sidereal astrology as in tropical astrology. So, although an Aries person and a Libra person are still just as compatible with one another in the sidereal system, the individual may no longer be compatible if they make this analysis based on their sidereal zodiac sign. 

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