Tarot Card Meanings: The Suit of Pentacles

By Briána Oct 11, 2022
So, you just got a Tarot reading and pull one of the Pentacles' cards. What does this mean?

A card from the Suit of Pentacles is an interesting card to pull. Take a quick look at its position: it will tell you various different things. But before worrying about interpreting them, reviewing the background of the Suit of Pentacles might be more helpful.

The History of the Suit of Pentacles Tarot Card

She chooses the Ace of Coins: a card representing how you handle physical materials in your world!
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The Pentacles is just one of the four suits in a Tarot deck, correlated with the tangible features and concerns. Because the Suit of Pentacles is represented by the element Earth, a stronger emphasis is placed on the soundness and dependability of items in your existence. The Earth is seen as a stable factor and a source for growth and prosperity from which positive or negative effects could occur.

Typically, Pentacles are called "Coins.' They have been generalized to represent monetary or opulent things, but they can mean so much more! Often forgotten, Pentacles can be a reminder of your responsibilities, resilience, and success in both your career and life. Success in everyday things is a trait interpreted by the Pentacles. It might be hinting that there is some physical demand in your life that may need more attention. Whether it's a raise from your boss or a debt collector who has come knocking, a “Coin” is indicating that there is energy that needs to flow in a specific direction.

Suit of Pentacles in Tarot Cards

A Tarot reading will provide you with a little insight as to the person you are or a message you need to hear!
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The Suit of Pentacles has 14 cards. Each of these cards relates to a different material feature of your life. Read through the descriptions so you can better understand the significance of the Suit of Pentacles, or "Coins."

Ace of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Coins represents health and grounding. It reveals how appropriately you handle the tangible features in your life, whether it is your home life or possessions. The Ace may also indicate the ability to build whatever is necessary from the materials you have at your fingertips.

A reversed Ace depicts a loss or a degree of recklessness. You are hanging on too firmly to belongings and perceiving society from a lacking mindset.

Two of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

A Two of Coins indicates that there is a lot on your hands that you have to balance out. The infinity sign represents the juggling of earthly matters as an infinite process and you have to just keep moving forward. This might be a turbulent ride, so balancing work and play will be a major hurdle.

A reversed Two indicates a feeling of being overburdened or that you made a mistake. Might you be showing the world a perfect picture, but behind the glass it is fractured?

Three of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Coins symbolizes collaborating to produce a meaningful product. It characterizes exceptional communication while taking into account multiple viewpoints. You are committed to following a strategy and can empathize well with other people.

The reversed Three suggest that the plans are not coming together and there is very little communication. You simply may not have the skills needed to proceed with the task at hand.

Four of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

A Four of Coins means security, playing it safe, and having organized finances, sometimes even a little obsessively. You are constantly aware of the worries surrounding your well-being and feel better knowing that everyone close to you, and yourself, are secure. 

A reversed Four advises that you do not play it safe. If you have the ability to contribute your attention and financials, you should. Take a chance to get out of your comfort zone.

Five of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Coins represents distress about finances along with the feeling of anxiety. There might be a concern with the ability to make it through a challenging situation. Are you caring for someone who is dependent upon you or are you depending on someone else?

A reversed Five indicates that a situation that has had your mind preoccupied for a long time is or will be released. An end or a solution to a problem is closer than you think.

Receiving the Queen of Pentacles shows great connection to all that surrounds you.
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Six of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Coins indicates a high level of generosity, but you only offer what you can and keep what is essential. You might be a part of an unequal relationship where you are able to give more to people than you receive. It also represents helping others in need. 

The reversed Six means selfishness and holding earthly possessions tightly. You might feel as though the world has not been fair or that your contributions have not been properly appreciated.

Seven of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Coins represents the rest you take after an intense session of productivity. It may be time to step back and examine all that's been accomplished and how far you have come. You might feel like you have more to do, but you have to let nature take its course now.

A reversed Seven shows a level of dissatisfaction with the outcomes from your labor. Frustration comes from meager returns on the amount of energy you have put in.

Eight of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Coins illustrates the productiveness and commitment you have shown. You produce great outcomes without skipping anything. You are diligent in your tasks and are creating magnificent things. Your duties include great attention to detail.

The reversed Eight of Coins indicates that something is not working right. You are skipping steps and impatient. This leads to frustration and incomplete goals/tasks. 

Nine of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Coins symbolize intense discipline and a consistent application of self. Your commitment to your work, family, or hobby will yield great gains. You are able to see and enjoy the rewards of your long-term efforts.

A reversed Nine of Coins shows a loss from inconsistent commitment levels. You are not applying yourself to a set of circumstances, whether that be a job, family, or hobby.

Ten of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Ten of Coins represents the bond and pleasure that comes from family and traditions. There may be multigenerational lessons to learn. The family holidays and rituals are a spark for enjoyment. You enjoy the presence of someone from any walk of life. 

The reversed Ten indicates feeling burdened or oppressed by the weight and responsibility of your family. You either lost money or just don't have sufficient funds to assist those close to you. 

Knowledge of the Suit of Pentacles helps to gain a better understanding of your physical world!
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Page of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Coins represents the Scholar. This means you are choosing an area to study, committed to learning all about your passions or seizing a novel idea. You might consider beginning a new self-improvement goal.

A reversed Page of Coins suggests a lack of preparation, laziness, or reckless spending. You might not feel enjoyment in your job. It could also suggest a minor financial loss. 

Knight of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Knight of Coins symbolizes a hard worker who is steadfast and calculating in their ways. They look at the end goal, not how fast they can get there. Knights represent reliability and a willingness to work diligently. 

The reversed Knight shows a slowdown, almost to the point where they feel stuck and stagnant. This person might feel overwhelmed by having so much to do, and they do not know where to go next. 

Queen of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The Queen of Coins shows someone who is attuned to all that surrounds them. They know how to create meaningful things from the resources that they have. Fertility and fruitfulness are key attributes of the generous Queen, indicating a warm-hearted individual. This person remains present in all that they do.

The reversed Queen suggests uneasiness and a perception that the things you have are not enough. This carries with it a sense of depletion and burnout. You could be experiencing a disconnect with the world.

King of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Coins is interpreted as either another person, a role you play, or a lesson you should hear. The King indicates a solid and trustworthy leader, someone who is wise, kind-hearted, and a pillar of a community. They like to be hands-on and prudent in their endeavors. 

The reversed King shows mediocrity and a fear of failure. This card characterizes an indulgence in unhealthy behaviors as well as feeling burdened by responsibility. 

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