Tarot Card for November

By Nataly Porter Nov 06, 2023
Which Tarot card will lead you this November? Get a detailed Tarot analysis for the month!

Which Tarot card can stand as the symbol of November? What will it bring you and those born under other signs this month? What lessons should be learned, and how should you behave to make the card bring you positive moments only? Read below to get answers to all these questions!

Card and Its Meaning


Hierophant is the card of November, the card of tradition and spiritual values. In general, the card is positive and shows that we are wise people who have high moral values. It means that in November we can give each other advice but only if it’s based on moral values and the hard work of one’s brain. If you have a look at the card itself, you’ll see two columns standing behind the figure of the Hierophant. These columns transmit the meaning of secret knowledge, and the card stands for the bridge between the material world and the world of spirits.

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What Will Hierophant Bring You in November?


On a professional level, the card means you’re going to get a teacher or boss who will lead you in the right direction. This person will make your principles even stronger and will boost your intellectual abilities.

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As for love, this month, the moral rules will be especially strong. On the other hand, it’s the best time to go against traditions. In a relationship, one person in a couple will probably behave in a protective manner, taking a paternal or maternal role. The chances of starting a love affair with an older person are as high as never before, as people will turn to those with a higher level of wisdom and respectability.
 In terms of your health and wellness, it’s especially important to follow the doctor’s instructions this November. Although this fact seems to be a fundamental truth any time of the year, this month, such an approach guarantees a speedy convalescence. Just make sure you address a specialist who is an expert in your case.

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Hierophant Meaning and Interpretation


Speaking of any Tarot card, it’s important to mention that it can be regarded from two different perspectives – the upright position and the reversed position.

When upright, the card stands for a mentor who will lead and protect you. When reversed, it stands for breaking with conventions and strict rules. You may start looking for a new, more unconventional way of living; it’s even possible that you’ll choose a way that goes against your primary values.

In love, the upright Hierophant symbolizes a serious commitment or marriage. In November, your relationship will probably move to a new level, bringing more security and love into your life. The reversed Hierophant means you may choose an unconventional relationship or even decide not to start a serious relationship at all. 

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In a professional sphere, Hierophant signifies involvement in a group or team project. To reach success, you need to follow the traditional methods at work. You may either find a teacher who will help you and support you or become such a teacher yourself. In terms of money, Hierophant supports endeavors with low risk and more conventional ways of dealing with your money. Hierophant reversed presupposes there is a boss who makes others work the way he or she wants them to. It can also mean that a group you belong to makes you follow all its rules and decisions even if you’re against it.

To those experiencing health issues, Hierophant upright says that conventional methods of healing will work best. Taking vitamins or exercising on a regular basis will bring many benefits in November, too. Hierophant reversed states that alternative ways of treatment can be effective if conventional medicine doesn’t work well enough.

What way of behavior should you choose? It’s up to you to decide, just take all these factors into account. Happy November! Oh, and one more thing. Don't forget to use the Tarot to win the lottery! 

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