Reading Your Major Palm Lines

By Eugenia Mar 04, 2024
An easy way to predict your future reading lines on your own palm - see how YOU can do it yourself!

Palmistry (also known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology) is the study of the palm in an attempt to predict one’s future reading the palm lines. According to different sources, there are from three to five main palm lines – the heart line, the head line, and the life line (sometimes the fate line and the sun line are included, too). Of course, there are other lines that can tell a lot about a person like children lines, love lines, health line, travel lines, etc. but we’re going to speak about them next time. Ready to start reading your palm and learning more curious facts about yourself? Let’s start then!

Heart Line


Moving from the upper part of your palm the first horizontal line that we see is the heart line. It stands for everything related to the heart matters. The rule here is simple – the deeper the line, the deeper both your feelings, emotions, and miseries are. The longer the heart line is, the more often your heart will tell you what to do. If it’s short, you’re a rather selfish person. If the line is faint, you’re a sensitive person with a weak heart. If the heart line has split ends it shows that you’ll always hesitate about your decisions. If the line is broken or forked, you will have to face a troubled relationship or even a divorce. If the line is completely absent it means that the brain rules you, not the heart.

Head Line

The next horizontal palm line is the head line. As seen by the name, it’s responsible for your intellect and your wish to learn and explore the world around you. The deeper the line is, the better you cope with hard tasks and challenges. The longer the line is, the mare various interest you have in your life. A forked head line suggests that you’re rather unpredictable in your actions and decisions and are prone to career changes. If the line is short, it presupposes you’re an intuitive and intelligent person. If it’s faint, you can’t boast of a very good memory. If the line is double, the person is usually talented and inspired by a muse. In case it’s absent, the line possessor is normally lazy and is inclined to mental imbalance.

Life Line


The first vertical line we’re going to speak about is the life line. It starts between your index finger and your thumb and moves down to the wrist. This line is normally curved. As it’s seen by the line name, its length influences the life of the person. If there is a break in the line, there can be a life-threatening incident or an accident in your life. However, some palm readers say that the life line has nothing to do with the length of life as it mostly concerns the way you’ll live it and how bright your life be. If the line is deep, your life will be smooth and stable. If it’s faint, it means your body lacks energy sometimes. If it’s broken several times, all these breaks foretell losses and struggles. If the life line is forked, in most cases it predicts some significant life changes.

Fate Line


The fate line or the line of destiny show how the events that you can’t control can and will influence your life. Sometimes the line is straight; however, it’s not a rare case when it’s curved or arched. If the line is more or less straight it means you have a focused life plan. If it’s wavering or twisted, it means you spend quite a lot of time choosing or searching for the best life path to take. The deeper the line is the more such uncontrollable events will influence your life. The more breaks the line has, the more often you’ll have to deal with them. Unlike the three major lines mentioned above, the fate line is not always easy to define as it’s normally much fainter. If the line is completely absent, it means your life is preplanned. If it’s extremely faint be ready for numerous disappointments and failures in your life. In case it’s forked, major conflicts are possible. If it’s broken, you’d better be ready for harsh circumstances or even traumas.

Fame (Sun) Line


This line stands for fame (as seen by the name), luck, scandal, and wealth. The deeper the line is, the more famous and more fortunate the person is. It is also a sign of outstanding artistic abilities of a person. The longer the line, the longer the period of fame and luck will last. Although the line is not always present on a palm, its meaning is quite essential.

Important Tips to Remember

• The cleaner your hand is from all lines and marks, the calmer your mind is. If your palm is covered with lots of small lines that cross its surface, it demonstrates you’re a person who spends much time worrying and contemplating.

• Take a photo of your palm once a year, e.g. on your birthday or on the New Year’s Day. You’ll be shocked to see how greatly the line will change over five, ten, and fifteen years!

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