Most Negative Traits of Every Zodiac Sign

By Nataly Porter Mar 07, 2023
Have you ever noticed that Capricorns are REALLY hardworking and Leos are the TRUE attention-seekers? However, sometimes it works backward, too. All zodiac signs possess certain qualities they’re not very proud of. Which are these qualities for your zodiac sign? Let’s check it now!


Stubborn girl

Aries people are stubborn, impatient, and demanding. They want to lead an active lifestyle and be leaders with their closest people following them. If they see that these people fail to keep up, they become frustrated. They want to have it all and now, and their impatience prevents them from forgetting others their faults. If they face the incompetence of others, they feel it very hard to keep their emotions under control. If they’re sure they’re right, they can be stubborn as hell, and nothing will make them change their opinion. 

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Taurus people are known for their passion for material things and pleasures as well as their wish to keep up with the Joneses. They are not afraid of hard work and will do their best to move forward. The problem is, they may fail to notice when it’s time to stop. Sometimes, they can even forget about the importance of non-material things, which will cause many problems in their own lives and their relationships with others. If they can’t make themselves take a break at least from time to time, they will soon feel completely exhausted. Money is a good thing, but your mental health is of no less importance, too!

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Two-faced sculpture

Gemini people can be rather wily, two-faced, and manipulative as it can be guessed by the name of their zodiac sign. They’re smart, but they tend to use their wits to achieve their aims and stop at nothing. Having the skill of manipulating people, they often use it and are very good at lying. They are good at mind games, too that’s why having a Gemini native among your enemies is not a very bright idea. So, Gemini guys can drive people crazy by their behavior, and they certainly will if they feel like it. One more thing about Gemini guys is that they’re much shallower than they may seem.


Cancer people are quick-tempered and emotional. When they’re upset, they become so moody that other people find it unbearable to stay close to them. If a Cancer native has had a bad day, the best possible idea is to leave them alone so that they can work it all out. Crying is not a rare thing for Cancer reps, too. In fact, of all zodiac signs, they cry most often (as you might have already noticed). Accept it or not? You’re to decide!


Bossy woman

Leo people are very proud of themselves, bossy, and can’t stand criticism. They have lots of plans and ideas in their heads about what they want to achieve, and they’re very demanding about it. Criticism, even constructive, drives them crazy. If they are eager to be leaders, they will, and nothing will stop them from gaining leadership. Another vice of Leo people is that they prefer to surround themselves with their admirers in an attempt to fill the emptiness in their hearts. 


Virgo people create standards other people find very hard to follow. Besides, they like to criticize others and can be overly fussy. If they see things done, they want them to be done well, and no other option is possible. If something is done wrong or not in the way they expect, they will never hesitate to criticize. Their demands for others are often very far from reality. Dear Virgo, you have to manage your expectations if you don’t want others to leave you. Virgo people are demanding and neurotic and will hardly bring any fun to a party. If they’re invited, they can only help the host clean the house afterward. 


Doubtful person

Libra people quite easily manipulate others and are very good at lying. Their charm and wit allow them to pitch others a line if they want it. They are skilled at persuading others and could even make a person sell his or her soul if they needed it. Of course, in most cases, they have good intentions when it comes to their power; however, sometimes it’s hard for them to overcome the temptation of striking back if somebody is offending them! They love debating even if the issue isn’t worth a cent, and they love being in charge of things. 


Scorpio natives tend to be obsessive, overly controlling, and even aggressive. If there is tension in your relationship, they quickly become aggressive, and you’ll soon regret you’ve started a quarrel (even if it wasn’t you who started it). Scorpios are also known for being obsessive – they find it hard to get rid of their past feelings and bonds. Some of them even have to learn how to forget about the past and move on! These people are secretive and vindictive, too, so they’re the most dangerous enemies of the zodiac.

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Impatient girl

Sags are often impatient, thick-skinned, and sometimes troublemakers. They can be too direct and offensive for some people (although others can find this honesty attractive). This insensitivity of Sagittarius is something that pushes people away from them. They also frequently experience patience problems; delays and slow movements of other people can drive them crazy. One more problem with Sagittarius natives is that they often behave as if they know everything while, in fact, can be not nearly as smart as they believe. They don’t even want to be smart – they want you to think they are. 

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Caps are often depressive, arrogant, and insensitive to the feelings of others. Despite the fact they prefer to see themselves as skeptical realists, their attitude to the world around them is far more pessimistic than they believe. A thing Capricorn natives really can’t stand is the dumb ideas of others. Other people notice it and get frustrated if Caps behave in an offensive way towards them. In its turn, such a behavior annoys Capricorn reps, too. One more unpleasant feature of Capricorn guys is that they always follow the rules. No, we mean ALWAYS. On their way to success, they often forget about others and stop at nothing. 


Secretive girl

Aquarians are like from a different world – secretive, distant, and very hard to get close. They are just the opposite of “open books”: if they don’t want to discuss things, you will hardly make them. They will tell you nothing unless they want it. They’re rather hard to be friends with, too, because they build emotional walls around themselves and hardly let anyone in. The reason is that Aquarius natives have to deal with things themselves and are not ready to share their emotions with others, even their closest people. 


Pisces guys tend to pity themselves, be rather indecisive, and scatterbrained. When it comes to important decisions, it’s difficult for them to react quickly. Sometimes they find it very hard to put their thoughts in order, which makes them lose things, forget about things, and be distracted. They also often contemplate the most negatives events and sides of their life, which makes them feel sorry for themselves. Dear Pisces, give more attention to the life benefits you get and don’t dive into depression!

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