Is He Cheating? - 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You

By Nataly Porter Aug 28, 2023
Is your boyfriend faithful to you or is he cheating – how to check this out? We've collected 10 signs your significant other may have somebody else to send his “I love you” messages to!

When it comes to relationships, trust forms the foundation of a strong bond. However, suspicions of infidelity can cause doubts and anxieties to creep in. If you've been noticing changes in your boyfriend's behavior and are concerned about his fidelity, if you keep asking yourself “Is he cheating on me?”, this article will outline ten signs that might indicate he is cheating on you. From arbitrary mood swings to sudden changes in appearance, we'll explore each sign with interesting examples and psychological insights to help you notice the changes earlier and make important conclusions. 

1. His Arbitrary Mood Swings

Mood swings
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Example: Your boyfriend experiences frequent mood swings, going from overly affectionate one moment to distant and irritable the next. The mood swing meaning remains unclear.

Abrupt mood changes could be a reflection of internal conflicts and guilt associated with infidelity. Psychologists suggest that cheating partners often struggle with emotions, leading to erratic behavior.

2. He Has Changed His Usual Everyday Behavior

Example: Your boyfriend starts displaying unfamiliar habits and routines that deviate from his usual patterns.

Changes in everyday behavior can be an indicator of infidelity. Psychologists argue that cheating partners often make adjustments to accommodate their secret activities, causing noticeable deviations from their regular habits.

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3. Privacy Becomes His Major Priority

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Example: Your boyfriend becomes overly secretive about his personal space, including his phone, social media accounts, and personal belongings.

A sudden emphasis on privacy may signal an attempt to hide communication or evidence of cheating. Psychologists suggest that guilt and fear of discovery can drive individuals to protect their secret affairs by guarding their privacy.

4. Secretive Technological Means of Communication

Example: Your boyfriend starts using encrypted messaging apps or suddenly becomes more protective of his phone conversations.

Increased secrecy in technological communication can be a sign of infidelity. Psychologists explain that cheaters often seek alternative channels to communicate with their affair partners, resorting to encrypted platforms or hidden conversations.

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5. Incessant Changes in His Weight or Appearance

Changes in appearance
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Example: Your boyfriend experiences sudden weight loss or gain, or he starts paying excessive attention to his physical appearance.

Drastic changes in weight or appearance can indicate an individual's desire to attract a new partner or impress someone else. Psychologists suggest that cheating partners often make efforts to enhance their physical appeal to potential love interests.

6. He Suddenly Changes His Musical Taste within a Few Days

Example: Your boyfriend starts listening to a different genre of music or develops a sudden passion for artists he never showed interest in before.

Shifts in musical taste can reflect changes in a person's identity or desire for novelty. Psychologists suggest that cheating partners might adopt new preferences to align themselves with their affair partners or create a sense of individuality outside the primary relationship.

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7. He Loses Track of the Details about Your Relationship

Forgets about important dates
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Example: Your boyfriend frequently forgets important milestones, dates, or other signs your relationship is notable for. He may even forget the date of your wedding! 

Infidelity can lead to a decreased focus on the primary relationship. Psychologists explain that cheating partners may struggle to maintain emotional connections, causing them to lose track of the details that were once meaningful to the two of you.

8. His Style and Sexual Necessities Change Dramatically

Example: Your boyfriend adopts an entirely different fashion style or develops new sexual necessities seemingly overnight.

Sudden changes in style or sexual preferences can be indicative of external influences or desires for novelty. Psychologists argue that cheating partners may explore new aspects of their personality or fulfill hidden fantasies with their affair partners.

9. He No Longer Has Financial Discussions with You

No financial discussions
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Example: Your boyfriend avoids discussing financial matters that were once openly shared between you, such as budgets, expenses, or long-term financial plans.

Financial discussions often signify a level of trust and shared responsibility in a relationship. When a partner withdraws from these conversations, it may suggest a detachment from the commitment and a focus on personal financial matters related to infidelity.

10. He Is Suddenly Busier at Work

Example: Your boyfriend starts working longer hours, frequently travels for business, or engages in work-related activities that keep him away from home more often.

Using work as an excuse to spend time with an affair partner is a common strategy for cheating individuals. Psychologists explain that increased work commitments can provide a convenient cover for secret rendezvous or emotional involvement outside the relationship.


Infidelity signs
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Identifying signs of potential infidelity in your relationship can be challenging, but paying attention to changes in behavior and patterns can help you uncover the truth. The ten signs outlined in this article, including arbitrary mood swings, changes in appearance, and increased work commitments, can indicate possible cheating. However, it's important to approach the situation with open communication, trust, and a willingness to seek professional help if needed.

Remember that these signs may raise suspicions but are not definitive proof of infidelity. Open and honest dialogue with your partner is essential to address any concerns and rebuild trust. If you believe your boyfriend may be cheating, consider seeking support from friends, family, or a therapist to help navigate this challenging situation. Ultimately, trust your instincts and prioritize your emotional well-being as you navigate the complexities of relationships.

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