How to Survive Quarantine Isolation: Tips for Every Sign

By Nataly Porter Mar 30, 2020
Staying at home without an opportunity to meet your friends or even walk in a local park for days and weeks can be tough. Who am I kidding? It IS tough! The good news is that numerous activities will cheer you up even in such a nervous situation. These things are all different for all zodiac signs, so which ones are yours? Find your sign below and check it right now!
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Woman and dog in masks

The first sign of the zodiac chart is always busy and always on the go. Staying at home for them can be even harder than for the other signs. Another problem the sign faces is being told what to do. For them, true rioters, it may be even more difficult to accept than the fact that they can’t leave their homes for some time. To burn the energy and feel better at least physically, dear Aries, please exercise at home as much as you can. Lift weights, hold a plank or participate in any type of home fitness program you can find in your mobile store. 

Another way to both feel better and help others is by supporting your community. You can give free lessons online, support the elderly, or choose any other activity that doesn't do any harm to you and benefits others. 


There are three things that Taurus people love to do most and that should become the foundation of their quarantine activity. First, their love for greenery. Planting is something that would suit you perfectly, dear Taurus, improve your mood and help you calm down. What to plant? You can choose anything, from flowers to herbs, or try all of them at once. Another option is massage. If you have somebody to massage, just choose the best oil and set the right lighting and go for it! If you’re alone at home, your own feet would suit perfectly and be so grateful to you! Crafts are the third option for Taurus natives so why not look for a candle making kit lost and forgotten in your wardrobe? Having a lot of patience will help you cope with any handmade task you start.


Masks and liquid soap

Gemini people are social guys who think the best start of the day is checking up the messages in WhatsApp and social media. Although it makes you exciting, it leaves you anxious, too. Despite the fact Gemini guys think meditation is not for them and is too boring, under the coronavirus (or any other) quarantine this can be not such a bad idea! Try meditation apps like Calm, Headspace, or The Mindfulness App and check how they can relieve both your body and soul! 

Another good idea for dexterous Gemini guys is something about creating neat and beautiful things which may include crocheting, knitting, or something of the kind. If you still believe meditation is not for you, such activities will become a great alternative and help you burn all the negative energy in you. 


Cancer people are well-known family guys. For them, the distance between them and their close ones that they have to keep is probably the hardest thing about the quarantine. On the other hand, the Cancerians locked in one house with their family members can suffer a lot, too! 

Cancer natives feel alive when they’re needed and when they can take care of others. You feel happiest when you bring people together and make good things around you happen. If you feel healthy and just don’t know what to do staying at home, try volunteering. You are probably very good at baking, too, so use this skill to make your dear ones feel a bit happier during the harsh period.


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Leo people as those who love to spend time surrounded by the attention of others can find it very hard to be deprived of it during the quarantine period. These natural team leaders who love kids, so you can easily use the time indoors to play with them. Dress up together or stage shows not to let your talents go to waste. 

Leo natives love good stories and are eager to learn new ones through books, movies, or TV shows. Besides, such activities will help you get distracted from the bad news and feel a bit calmer. Another thing that will calm your mind, dear Leo, is focusing on one thing at a time. Choose an activity that makes you happier and stick to it! 


Virgo people care about their health and the order in their homes. Dear Libra, a quarantine can become a very fruitful period for you as you’ll finally have enough time to clean your apartment and make sure all the books are placed in alphabetical order. When will such a chance appear again? Just like Gemini people, Virgo guys suffer from anxiety quite often so meditation can be a way out, too. Start your day win an online yoga class to get your portion of freshness for the whole day ahead. 

To spend the time advantageously, make sure you eat well, keep boosting your immunity, and tell your friends and close people about the latest health news and trends. When you and your environment are healthy, your mind has a greater chance to stay healthy during this tough period, too.


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For Libra guys, life is revolving around beauty and communication. What can be done about it in the comfort of your own home? Start with cleaning it and make things more pleasant by combining two activities – cleaning and talking to your friend on the phone. It’s a good time to express your hidden creative talents, too, so while staying at home repaint some walls of it or polish the furniture that needs it. For a relaxing evening, light a couple of candles and enjoy a bath you’ve prepared before. 

As Libra guys appreciate the beauty in everything, why not indulge in an online ballet class or a Just Dance Now program? Watch others dancing or dance yourself in the way you like it!


Of all zodiac signs, Scorpio is the one for who crisis has never been a big problem. The most difficult areas of life are the areas they feel totally at home so the main problem for them now is to find the most suitable activities for their tireless minds. Stars say that the sign of Scorpio is mostly connected with sex, death, and the money of others. Dear Scorpio, the period seems to be great for analyzing your pensions and investments. If you have no money to invest now, why not learn more about the movement of money and use this information in the future? Learning something from the Kama Sutra would be a good idea, too. 

Scorpio natives are guys with a high level of precision so practicing darts at home is something you’ll truly enjoy. Poker would do, too. Although the crisis period can be very tough for you, dear Scorpio, you are the one who’ll hardly panic and cope with the tough situation brilliantly.


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For the fiery Sagittarius people, a quarantine period is going to become very tough. The best decision for you is to start your day with physical activity like exercising or even a long run or bike ride if you’re allowed to leave your home. If at home, practice the activities that will help you explore the world like reading or watching interesting travel blogs. Discussing ideas online and expressing your opinion is good for you but can eat your precious time. Instead, give more time to the books that tell you about other cultures or help you explore your inner self. 

Active and curious Sagittarius natives can make use of the free courses that many education platforms offer now. Why not use the time for your benefit and learn something you’ve always wanted? Traveling and exploring the world from the comfort of your armchair can be almost as adventurous as a real one!


For ambitions and hardworking Caps, a long quarantine is something they can hardly endure. To cope with the related stress, try to continue working even under difficult circumstances. Use job apps and see what you can do to help others, feel useful, and even earn some money. If you’re a specialist in some field there are surely ways for you to organize remote work. If you’re not then you can tidy houses, write descriptions for the products sold in an online shop, or fix something that has been broken. 

A release is essential for Capricorns because they so often take the responsibility that they tend to forget about themselves. You can relax both physically and mentally, dear Cap. Try a dynamic yoga class in the morning or watch an emotional movie in the middle or the end of the day. This will help you get rid of tension and feel calmer and happier.


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Aquarians are the mysterious friendly loners of the zodiac. On the one hand, they like chatting with people; on the other hand, they prefer doing it online because they prefer to keep their distance. There is no sign more interested in conspiracy theories than Aquarius! They always willingly read about them in the news, watch online videos, and discuss their opinions with their online opponents. However, watching sci-fi movies and reading books on similar topics is no less interesting for them. Why not use this quarantine time for indulging in this hobby of yours, dear Aquarius? Rational Aquarians can also use the time to get in touch with their old friends and get some news from them. Information is something they can’t live without!


Alongside with Taurus, Pisces is the quietest zodiac sign. These guys feel happiest when they get numerous opportunities to sleep, watch movies, drink wine, listen to pleasant music, and relax. The biggest problem arises when they see they can’t escape their family! To make the quarantine period at least a bit easier to cope with, creative Pisces people should entertain themselves with playing musical instruments, singing, painting, etc. Being involved in various esoteric activities like Tarot, meditation, or yoga is not a rare thing for Pisces people, too. Another good activity for them is looking after the senior family member as Pisces are among those who are always ready to help.

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