How to Find Your Karmic Debt Number

By Eugenia Feb 02, 2023
Calculate your own Karmic Debt number following our simple tips!

Numerology is established around the fact that we, humans, are the beings of the highest order. We all go through a lot of ups and downs in life, live our happiest moments and our deepest sorrows. We never stop learning and do our best not to remain in the same lane.

This is how your life cycle works: you come back if you failed to learn your lesson. And it will continue until you succeed. When you’re reborn, you’re given some additional burden in order to correct your mistakes. (By the way, there's something that can help you AVOID making mistakes or wrong choices. See here.) This burden is known as Karmic Debt.

How to calculate your Karmic Debt Number?

Let’s imagine that your birth date is January 18, 1987.

We start with the month, 1, and there is no need to reduce the number.

Then we take the date – for example, 18 is reduced to 1 + 8 and equals 9.

The year, 1987, is reduced to 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 which equals 25.

The next step is 2 + 5 = 7.

Now, let’s add the reduced numbers of the month, date, and year (1 + 9 + 7) and get 17

The FOUR Karmic Debt numbers are 13, 14, 16, and 19. If you get another number, you do not have a Karmic Debt.

Here are some examples of Karmic Debt Numbers along with their general features.

Karmic Debt Number 13


If you have 13 as your Karmic Debt Number you have to work hard and strive for success. It’s probably difficult for you to overcome obstacles or solve your issues. You need to focus your energy on hard work and, eventually, you may find it difficult to stop working. This is some kind of retribution for your past lives dominated by laziness. It is very important for you to fight the temptation to take shortcuts. Your hard work can sometimes lead to no visible signs of success – this will cause you to feel frustrated and very, very tired. Don’t give up! You can and you WILL reach your goals. Perseverance will be rewarding. It is crucial for you to understand that your efforts never go in vain, and constant hard work will make you reach the top. Find out what you really want to achieve and focus on it. Don’t waste your time multitasking – focus on one thing at a time. Follow a plan and keep yourself organized. You may probably find some comfort in this quote by Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Karmic Debt Number 14


If you have 14 as your Karmic Debt Number, you probably have some issues with finding control in your current life. The number symbolizes the misuse of freedom in your previous lifetimes. Your life is probably filled with constantly changing circumstances beyond your control, and they are often unexpected. You may be obsessed with your freedom; some people with 14 as their Karmic Debt Number may be addicted to alcohol or even drugs. Make sure not to indulge in such activities. To overcome all the difficulties you face, you have to focus your energy on modesty and maintaining emotional awareness. To order your own life, you must stay committed even when you’re tempted to run and hide from your problems. Your life is probably filled with extreme highs and lows and in order to move it in the right direction, you have to always keep your main goal in mind. Learn to adapt to ever-changing situations. Make sure to be emotionally stable and mentally balanced. Live a disciplined life and attain some spiritual wisdom.

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Karmic Debt Number 16


People who have 16 as their Karmic Debt Number may have the opportunity to gain and learn a lot of spiritual wisdom. It signifies cleansing; the number’s energy can often be extremely painful. If you have 16 as your Karmic Debt Number, your ego and vanity probably hurt others in your past lifetime. In this life, you will see your ego’s destruction. Bearing this Karmic Debt Number is extremely excruciating. The fall of the ego doesn’t usually feel nice. You most likely have grand plans for your life. But when confronted with challenges, you often make choices that may be self-destructive. 16 is different from other karmic numbers because this one is not easy to overcome. It often involves a continuous cycle of rebirth. Destroying what was before helps you rediscover your own self. When you finally destroy your ego, you become someone else. The only thing that remains the same is your body carrying the heightened soul. You will undergo drastic changes which may prove to be a turning point in your life. When you reach this state, you become blissful.

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Karmic Debt Number 19


If your Karmic Debt Number is 19, you had a great talent in your past life which probably led to a position of power. But instead of helping others, you only enriched yourself. 19 is special: the number 1 symbolizes beginning and the number 9 symbolizes end. Your life will be about learning how to be of service to others and also how to accept the support of others. Those who have 19 as their Karmic Debt number are often stubborn and resist help in the face of struggle. Remember: no man is an island. Learn how to form deep connections with others and realize that ignorance is actually not bliss. Don’t try to resolve your problems on your own. Reliance on others is key to facing your inner turmoil. Greet the assistance from others with open arms. Accept the fact that people make mistakes, and they need to work together and aid each other.

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