Have You Been Cursed?! 9 Signs Of Being Cursed In Love And Life

By Eugenia Apr 18, 2023
First of all, don't panic — curses are extremely rare, according to those familiar with them. Even if there's a mean or toxic person in your life, it doesn't mean that they have cursed you. However, if you feel like there's a bit too much negativity going on in your love life or life in general, there may be something sinister present… 

Regardless of the term used — cursed, jinxed, crossed — the symptoms remain consistent. Being on the receiving end of a curse can lead to symptoms falling into one of four categories: emotional, body-related, love-related, and external. Check out the signs of a curse below! 

Your Emotions 

Signs Of A Curse
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You start having nightmares. When we're sleeping, our subconscious mind starts talking to our psyche. And that's when a powerful curse can sneak up on us — when our guard's down, and we can't control what's going on. If you have a nightmare sometimes, don't sweat it; that's normal. But if you keep having nightmares that all have the same theme, that's when you should start worrying. If you consistently have scary dreams that are all about the same thing, it may be a sign that a curse is creeping up on you. 

You feel like you're depressed. Even if you eat all the right things, recharge your batteries, and maybe even talk to a therapist, you still feel like crap. That's probably because some sketchy energy is bringing you down. And this feeling could stick around even after you get rid of the curse. 

You start acting… weirdly. If you're acting completely different than your usual self, it could be a sign that someone put a curse on you. If your friends start worrying about your unusual behavior, take a step back and think about WHEN you may have started acting this way. 

Your Body 

Signs Of A Curse
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Here are some physiological symptoms to watch out for. However, having these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean that you have been cursed! 

Suddenly, you start having headaches. If you never get headaches but all of a sudden you start getting them all the time, that can mean that someone wishes evil on you. (It may also mean that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, though). And if you're trying to sleep at night, and your head feels like it's about to pop, pay attention! If this keeps happening for at least three nights in a row, it's time to use some banishing magic to get rid of whatever is messing with you. Try this reading to find out if someone's wishing you evil and see how to get rid of dark vibes! 

You start experiencing sleep paralysis a bit too often. Sometimes when you're half asleep, you feel like you can't move, and it's like something very heavy is sitting on your chest. That's called sleep paralysis, but it could also mean there's an evil spirit trying to harm you. People in the past used to think that sleep paralysis was caused by demons or monsters. However, make sure you check with a doctor to be sure there's no health-related explanation for this feeling. 

External Things 

Signs Of A Curse
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If you feel like there's too much negativity or bad luck in your life happening for no reason, be aware of the following clues. 

If you notice some weird stuff happening with your electronics, like your phone battery dying too fast, light bulbs constantly blowing out, your PC crashing, or your washer breaking for no reason, it could mean the energy around you is getting violent. Even glassware might be affected. It's normal to experience one or two of these things, but if they keep happening for more than three or four days straight, it might be time to banish any bad vibes from yourself and your home. Here, you can find out if someone's sending bad vibes your way. 

Bad luck. A lot of bad luck. Imagine: you get into a minor car accident on your way to work. Then you find out you've been laid off. And to top it all off, your SO decides to break up with you. It's like the universe is playing a cruel joke on you, right? It's not just a couple of things going wrong — it's like a whole storm of bad luck is headed your way. 

If you feel like your situation is getting too confusing or chaotic for you to control, try this reading. This Celtic Cross Tarot spread may help you explore what is going on in great detail!

Love-Related Things 

Signs Of A Curse
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Last but not least, your romantic relationship. It starts suffering, too. Below, find out what clues to watch out for. 

You (or your partner) suddenly become rude or dismissive. This behavior is often a sign that someone is feeling frustrated, annoyed, or burdened by the attempt to connect with others. Whether someone is dealing with personal issues or just doesn't like something about their partner, this negativity makes it clear that they don't want to interact. Talking to your partner doesn't solve this issue — they just refuse to listen. 

You (or your partner) start purposely keeping information from your SO because you're afraid it might limit your choices. This is not the same as privacy, which everyone deserves to have. Keeping things private doesn't typically damage the trust between partners. It's just a way to keep personal thoughts and feelings to yourself that don't pose a risk to your partner. But when you become secretive, you start behaving in ways that are somewhat contradictory to what you say.

Here, you can find out how to get rid of negativity in your relationship and heal your connection! 

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it doesn't always mean that you're cursed. But there may be some negative energies in your life — and to get rid of them, you need help. Heal your future and your life with this spread!

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