Each Zodiac Sign's Spirit Animal

By Desi Rose Oct 11, 2022
Your spirit animal is a guide, your own personal Jiminy Cricket in animal form. You share qualities with them, and they will teach you how to move through life with grace and purpose.

So you know your zodiac sign and probably use astrology to help you in aspects of life, right? Have you ever wondered if there is something out there more related to the physical realm that could act as a guide? Your spirit animal is exactly that. 

Which Spirit Animal Sign Are You? 

Each zodiac sign is aligned with animals that can offer assistance and knowledge on your life path. Your spirit animal is a cosmic link manifested in physical form. Many ancient cultures looked at animals as teachers. They learned things from basic life skills like foraging, too, more importantly, how to connect to nature and live in alignment with the Universe. So, what is your spirit animal based on your zodiac sign? 

Tiger Spirit Guides are a force of nature
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What is Aries' Spirit Animal?

While most large cats can act as a spirit guide for Aries, the Tiger holds the most power for you. Regal and aloof. Focused, confident, and powerful, you and the Tiger walk the same path. Your spirit guide can lead you through the dense jungle that life can create. Allow it to show you when to control your fire and when to explode into action. But if you're still not sure what to do or still need help making a decision, try this reading. 

What is Taurus' Spirit Animal?

As a Taurus, you are strong, stable, and protective. The Bear holds these traits in spades. What on Earth is deemed more fierce than a mama bear? Nothing. They can topple trees and literally move mountains. Look to the Bear to show you how to stay steady when life gets hard. Your strength will prevail.  And if you're struggling, check out this reading to find out what you should do to succeed!

What is Gemini's Spirit Animal?

You may seem all fun and games, but you are incredibly intelligent, Gemini. Like the Dolphin, you tend to move through life with a certain whimsy, but your game has a strategy. The Dolphin is cunning and exact, which you admire. Watch how it glides through the water while working with others to survive. You do not always have to go it alone. 

Dog Spirit Guides show caring and compassion always
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What is Cancer's Spirit Animal?

Like the Dog, you can become anyone’s best friend. You have a deep loyalty and sensitivity to you that others crave. You may think that, with the Dog as a guide, you will need a pack. This is not always the truth as you can be very efficient solo. Seek guidance from your spirit animal when making tough choices as the Dog always tried to seek peace before war. If there is diplomacy to be had, you will find it. 

What is Leo's Spirit Animal?

As the Peacock struts his beauty for all to see, so do you, Leo. Confidence oozes from you, and you have no issue being center stage. This doesn’t just happen, though. You must be willing to grow and learn to expand into your true self. Let the Peacock guide you as you learn to harness your inner light and shine brighter than the Sun. 

What is Virgo's Spirit Animal?

No forest animal can outfox the Fox. The mental fortitude and adaptability of these small creatures are extraordinary, as are you, Virgo. Foxes can make any situation work for them, and they do so without fanfare. Your spirit animal will guide you through life with the intelligence and cunning that you yourself possess and respect. And if you need more guidance to attract success and prosperity, the Tarot can help you. 

Panda Spirit Guides never let others opinions change who they are
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What is Libra's Spirit Animal?

Some look at the Panda as somewhat lacking. This simply isn’t the case, and you will see this, Libra. They simply do not care. The Panda can show you just how beneficial it is to be goofy and laid back while the world fusses around you. Let them stress, you have more important things to do, like just being. 

What is Scorpio's Spirit Animal?

There is always a strong reaction to the Snake. You either love them or fear them. Ever feel that way, Scorpio? You are either loved or feared. With such strong emotions, you sometimes do not know how to handle either reaction. Your spirit animal will show you how to be precisely you, no matter others’ thoughts. Watch as the Snake glides down the path it creates, going exactly where it chooses. And, speaking about strong emotions, here's the STRONGEST emotion of your zodiac sign. 

What is Sagittarius' Spirit Animal?

Not much can hold you back, Sagittarius. Like the Cat, you are fiercely independent and curious about life. Off doing exactly what you want, you move through life with ease. As with the Cat, obstacles are nothing to you. Look to your spirit animal to show you how to maintain your agility while always landing on your feet. By the way, don't forget to check out what obstacles you may face in life!

Alligator Spirit Guides strike with precision
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What is Capricorn's Spirit Animal?

Much like the Alligator, you tend to keep things under the surface. You have patience and know when the perfect time to strike is. Once the Alligator latches onto prey, there is little hope of escape, much like you, Capricorn, with your goals and aspirations. You can learn from your spirit animal how to constantly be watchful for opportunities. 

What is Aquarius' Spirit Animal?

Don’t underestimate this tiny creature. There is a tenacity within the Spider that you hone in on, Aquarius. It can lead a very dynamic life, living in both good and evil. Building beautiful works of art and using that art to snare victims. You can learn how to balance your light and dark side by watching the Spider. 

What is Pisces' Spirit Animal?

While many view you as sensitive, Pisces, there is a fierce drive within you. Like the Wolf, you are incredibly loyal and loving to your pack. You carry a depth that can be viewed by watching your spirit animal move through its life. Use Wolf’s lessons to learn how you can control your depth and cut your own path. 

Wolf Spirit Guides are always protecting the pack
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Spirit Animals have been involved with many indigenous cultures over the millennia. From Native Americans, Mayans, Zuli, and Celt, there is no corner of this Earth that we, as humans, have not watched and learned from animals. Having these animals as personal guides through life holds a reverence that must be experienced to be understood. As with astrology, your spirit animal can assist you in living authentically and within alignment with your true self.

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