Do Tarot Cards REALLY Predict the Future?

By Paul Barrett Apr 18, 2023
It's no secret tarot cards can provide us with some useful knowledge but is this information trustworthy? Here's our answer!

Well, you already know the answer — yes! However, we'd like to explain their nature a little, as it'll help you understand this topic's aspects.

It all started in 1420 in… Italy! Yes, Tarot cards happen to be born in Florence. Children of Europe, they still have close ancestors from the Islamic world. Many historians find this scenario the most trustworthy one. Who else could put so much magic and effort into 'mere' cards?

Enough of history; let's talk about the current things. What is Tarot? That's just the bundle of 78 cards that people consider fate-predicting. They are often portrayed differently, sometimes even thematically, according to someone's preferences. Typically, people think that with these cards, they can learn all the secrets of their future. Is that right?

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And here comes the first important thing about Tarot — they predict not what WILL happen, but what MAY happen. Fate is not a clear path but a way cleared by our actions. In this case, cards can push us in a particular direction. It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy and can even be viewed as something scientific! Check how the interconnection of Tarot and science works and get your immediate prediction here.

What does this connection mean? It's simple — you give brief information about your possible future, start thinking that something MUST happen, and attract these actions into your life.

When we speak about Tarot, we undoubtedly mean almost poetry. Unlike weather forecasts, prophecies usually hint at what may happen. It's a fate-reading procedure. So, you could say that fate can be interpreted as what God means to happen. But it doesn't mean that it MUST happen.

An essential part of the procedure is the right person to read the hints. A Tarot reader is the master of such things, so be ready to spend time searching. Without them, you'll probably take a false grasp of your possible future. Perhaps people abandon tarot cards because they tried to understand everything by themselves and failed to do so! It's always wiser to ask specialists for help. You can get your forecast from our professional tarot reader here (it's free!).

Another critical thing to remember is the time delay. You can never know the exact timing of predictions coming true. That uncertainty leads to disappointment as our expectations can't be implemented when we want them so badly. Sometimes such predictions can confuse us, as we can only see part of the picture. Indeed, predictions that show us only a tiny amount of our probable future are difficult to interpret and even understand. The allegorical language of Tarot makes it even harder, as you can only guess what is meant.

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There's another aspect to remember — you don't really need a Tarot reader to get a personal reading. It's always better to make the whole process much more intimate. How? Just read the cards by yourself! Of course, it's not that easy, and you'll probably fail to do it 100% right in the beginning. However, you'll surely get used to that reading step by step. It'll also be much easier to interpret things entirely by yourself because nobody knows you better than you do. On top of that, you could also help your friends with tarot readings — they'll surely love it! Share the link to our fresh Tarot app with your close people to help them fight the torturing issues.

One thing which many people forget to do is connect to their ancestors. They will help you move through the spiritual world. It's not like you talk to dead people who possess your home. It's simply asking your ancestors for assistance. We still haven't provided any connection with afterworld via our smartphones or the internet. However, arranging the whole process under some basic rules is entirely possible. You should consider relaxing incense, muffled light, and quiet music. Such an atmosphere leads to calmness in your body and soul. You'd need them if you want to learn about your potential future. Don't rush things — there's no need to hurry.

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Finally, tarot cards have a great gift that you can't deny. They prepare you for significant challenges and changes you may face! Any big change or challenge can shock us, so it's obvious that we should prepare our nervous system for extreme news. For example, you meet a person in the subway who is pretty nice-looking, but then you forget about this person! However, if you did look at your fate probabilities, you would know that this person could be an extremely passionate lover or even the love of your life. So, please, consider resorting to tarot readings regularly — don't make your life more complicated or tedious! 

So, if we have a professional Tarot reader, enough patience, and a basic understanding of this process, we can surely say that tarot cards may predict the future. It wouldn't be like, 'hey, tomorrow you'll win a lottery.' No, it would be a bit more uncertain and a self-fulfilling type of prediction. Consider it like a surge of motivation to help you achieve the future YOU want in harmony with your potential fate. 

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