Soulmate or Twin Flame: Which Is Your Case?

By Nataly Porter Feb 12, 2024
We so often hear (or say) something like “He’s my true soulmate, he’s the only one!” However, almost none of us thinks of the true meaning of this word. Who is your soulmate? What is a twin flame and what is the difference between the two notions? Read on to learn it now and never miss them again!

What Does the Word Soulmate Mean?

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A soulmate is not about a specific person, it’s more about a specific purpose. A soulmate is someone who’s meant to change your life. However, his or her methods can be either mild and accompanied by love and kindness or rude, making you suffer and causing trouble. A soulmate aims at changing who you are (or pretend to be) and bring you closer to your authentic self. They may not realize it, and in most cases, they don’t, but they persistently follow their aim. Soulmates are somebody who we were going to have relationships with before we came to this physical world. We have chosen them to learn specific lessons from them but now, in this world, we may fail to recognize them. We just may have a very subtle feeling we’ve known them before.

To understand yourself and your soulmate better, analyze the energies of your present and your past!

Soulmate Is Not About Love

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Or not necessarily about love, to be exact. A soulmate relationship can be romantic but doesn’t have to. Your soulmate can be your friend, your relative, your colleague, or even a total stranger you meet in the street. In the course of our life, we meet many soulmates, sometimes even a few at a time. As time goes, we become close to some of them and grow apart from the others. Although in your past life you have agreed to meet with many of your future soulmates, you don’t have to come in contact with all of them in this life. 

The chances are high that your best friend in middle school used to be your soulmate. Now, you haven’t even spoken to each other for years and are not eager to start doing it now. Why so? Because this person has completed his or her mission in your life and you’ve both got all you wanted from each other. The time and the consequences have changed, and you have changed, too. You both have a new circle of friends now, people, who will help you and get your help at this very moment, when it’s most needed. Your first love was probably your soulmate, too, even if he or she has left you heart-broken. This relationship showed you what selflessness and forgiveness are and why we need these feelings so desperately. (But you know what? It may be possible to get your ex back. See how.)

How Can I Learn I’ve Found a Soulmate?

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In brief, soulmates come to our lives to teach us different lessons – not only good ones but always important ones. If they are abusive, they teach us to protect ourselves and realize which things we’re not ready to put up with. If, on the contrary, the soulmates are overly submissive we learn to take them for granted. In any case, in such relationships, you understand how to behave in your next relationship to be happy. 

A soulmate relationship should not necessarily end. You can remain partners or friends forever but only if you’re ready to change and develop together moving in one direction. However, even if this doesn’t happen and you break up, don’t get upset or lost. Remember that there is always another soulmate and there is no need for you to spend all your life with one person. You can do it, of course, but you don’t have to. 

What Is a Twin Flame? 

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The major difference between the two notions – soulmate and twin flame – is that you can have many soulmates but only one twin flame. The purpose of finding your twin flame is to bring you and another soul in a unified whole. In the spiritual world, you used to be one soul; in this physical world, you’ve been split into two and have appeared as two physical bodies. Without your twin flame you’re not incomplete; however, finding your true twin flame is one of the ways of reaching spiritual wholeness. 

How Can I Learn I’ve Found My Twin Flame?

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When it comes to your twin flame, you’ll feel that you're very sensitive to the energies of each other. You may not say a word and your partner will know what you’re feeling or want to say immediately. It’s even possible you’ve been dreaming of your twin flame before you met him or her! The person as well as your relationship will reflect the sides of your personality you need to heal or change. You will work similarly, too, reflecting the sides of your partner that he or she has to make changes in. 

If you're still confused, analyze your friendship (or romantic relationship) here!

When Will I Meet My Twin Flame? 

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Don’t “try” to meet your twin flame or even look for him or her. When you’re ready, the universe itself will make the two of you closer.

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