Best and worst qualities of your zodiac sign

By Nataly Porter Sep 26, 2022
The best qualities of each Zodiac sign yet, the worst qualities of each Zodiac sign... Each sign has something to be proud of - and something they hate about themselves. Check out the best and the worst qualities of your sign below!

The Best and the Worst Qualities of Your Zodiac Sign



The best quality - a born leader.

Aries natives are born to run big companies and manage big teams like no one else.

The worst quality – arrogance. 

These natives have a feeling they are better than others. Sometimes it spoils their relationship with friends. 

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The best quality – perseverance.

If Taurus needs to set up any goal, there is no way to fail to achieve it.

The worst trait – jealousy.

These natives feel jealous of their partner, their friends, and other people they communicate with. 

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The best quality – flexibility.

Gemini reps can adapt to any circumstances. Even if everything seems to be broken, Gemini won't give up. They will always find a way out!

The worst trait – lack of continuity.

Ask Gemini to stick to something for a long time, and they will fail. Long projects aren't their wheelhouse.



The best qualities  –  being loyal and protective.

These natives can't be angry with someone for a long time, even if a person has seriously hurt them. 

The worst quality – overly sensitive.

Although Geminis don't hold grudges for a long time, they are susceptible and touchy. In most cases, it bothers their communication with others.



The best quality – self-confidence. 

These natives' self-confidence allows them to achieve any goals they set up. Even if they lack something, they must get it in the nearest time.

The worst quality – stubbornness.

On the way to their goals, Leo can ignore other people's feelings and requests.

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The best quality – being ready for hard work.

Virgo natives are ready to sacrifice all their time and energy if they know what they will get. It can be both material reward and praise. Being noticed is very important for Virgo.

The worst quality – criticism.

Whatever Virgo is going to do, firstly, they criticize everything, including circumstances, conditions, weather, etc.

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The best quality – sense of justice.

A heightened sense of justice is intrinsic for Libra. They are ready to fight for justice even if they don't get any profit of it.

The worst quality – self-pity.

Libra won't do hard work even if they are promised to get the desired reward. They pity themselves too much to overwork or sacrifice their sleep and comfort.



The best quality - determined.

Scorpio always has a plan. They are determined and ready to work hard to succeed in their ventures.

The worst quality - secretive.

Scorpio reps are usually very reticent. This trait of character irritates their friends and colleagues. Scorpio is never completely open.



The best trait – optimism.

These natives will find benefits and positive sides when others give up.

The worst trait – impatience.

If Sagittarius has a dream and needs to save money to make it come true, they aren't patient to keep it a secret. They need to make their dream come true at once. It happens because they don't have the patience to wait for long. The same happens with the other spheres of their life. "Wait for a holiday? Nope, I would rather completely give up this idea".



The best quality – discipline.

Capricorns can achieve whatever they want due to their self-discipline. Unfortunately, it doesn't work automatically. Firstly, these natives need to become motivated by something; after this, they are ready to follow any rules to achieve their desires.

The worst quality – seriousness.

A lack of humor and extra seriousness interfere with Capricorn enjoying life. 



The best quality – intelligence.

These natives are knowledgeable and can support any conversation. They are versatile and exciting personalities.

The worst quality – mystery. 

Aquarius is too secret and mysterious. They like to control others while staying in the shadow. Other signs don't like this trait in Aquarius reps.



The best quality – creative.

Pisces are good at making up new ideas and can find a way out of any hopeless situation.

The worst trait – closed off.

These natives are too hideous and closed off. They usually avoid big companies and private conversations.

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