Are You a Money Magnet in February?

Jul. 23 - Aug. 22

In February, Leo people will have to be more cautious than in any other month of the year. Your expenses may increase causing some unexpected inconveniences. It can become a better decision to take a step back and not start any significant projects or investments. It would be great if a Leo person had a life partner or a family member who could support him or her during harsh financial periods. Sharing finances if February is a good decision for both parties. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of leaning on your close ones in times of need, especially if it concerns risky periods. You’ll soon get back on your feet and will be able to support them instead. The period from February 16 can become rather challenging for Leo guys as Mercury retrograding will lead to certain misunderstandings. Mercury retrograde can also bring your old love to your life again but only to help you understand your path and your evolution.

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