6 Most Independent Zodiac Signs. Is Yours among Them?

By Nataly Porter Jul 02, 2020
Hooray, it’s July 4th – the most independent day of the year! Now, while the whole nation is celebrating the holiday, it’s time to check now how independent YOU are! Can you take decisions without anybody’s advice? Can you work alone without anybody’s support? Do you need a special one by your side or can you easily do without him or her? Scroll down to get the answer now!

1. Aquarius

Independent woman in a field

Aquarians are never influenced by the opinions and beliefs of others. They don’t like something just because everybody around them likes it. They need to test a thing or an opinion themselves first and only then form their view. If Aquarius natives need anybody’s approval, it’s only their own. They never follow any crowd or do things others expect them to do. Vice versa, they are eager to do the things that interest them in the most creative and unusual way. 

2. Sagittarius

Independent man on a mountain

Sags need the freedom to go where they want to and do what they want to. What they hate most is the necessity to ask for the permission of others. They are never afraid, too, and they are scared of neither new destinations nor learning new languages or meeting new people. They hardly ever panic and willingly take challenges and risks because they believe in their skills and know they can cope with so many things. They don’t want to be tied down and want to feel freedom all the time, both physical and emotional.

3. Aries

Independent man on a road

Aries are so strong and independent because their belief in themselves is unbreakable. Of course, they make mistakes and fail just like any other zodiac sign; but they are sure that they will reach the place they need to reach and learn the things they need to know. Their intuition is strong and they know it! Aries guys don’t want to back down and even when all the other people around them do, they stubbornly and bravely move forward. They focus on positive things in any situation and always have an optimistic attitude to anything they face. 

4. Gemini

Independent woman on a mountain

Gemini people are very seldom envious and they never dream of having what other people have. Instead of envying others, they work on turning this idea into reality. They don’t worry if others criticize them and don’t do anything to deserve the praise of others, too. What they choose is taking the helpful information from the critique of others and using it to their own benefit. Who they want to and need to impress is themselves only and they would not ask anyone to help them with this task. Gemini natives are smart enough to get what they want without asking anyone for help or support.

5. Capricorn

Independent man in a hotel

Besides being hardworking and smart, Caps are extremely independent, too. They only choose the jobs they want to perform. For Capricorns, independence is closely connected to money and comes from their financial freedom. However, Caps would surely prefer a job they like to any high-paid job. Most often, Capricorn guys try to work on their own and be their own bosses. They prefer to be responsible to themselves and that’s why they choose running their own businesses. 

6. Virgo

Virgo representatives are too intelligent and independent to ask for anybody’s help. They do a lot of research and know facts better than those able to give them advice. These people are very self-reliant and it’s hard for them to believe that anybody can do things better than they do. Besides, Virgo people set strict boundaries that don’t let others use or abuse them. They’re totally fine on their own and don’t need anybody’s praise or approval and this is what makes Virgo so strong. 

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