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By Daily-Horoscope Team Apr 27, 2021
2021 is going to become a year of great potential for some zodiac signs. However, other zodiac representatives may face significant troubles in their attempts to move forward. What awaits your sign this year? Check your 2021 Tarot prediction and see the Tarot card of your sign that will guide you throughout the whole year!
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In 2021, Aries will be most influenced by the Emperor card. During the year, you’ll have a strong wish to put your leadership skills to the test. However, be even more careful than you usually are – stars predict that your unhealthy ego and too straight behavior can cause more harm than profit in 2021.

Remember a very important fact – things and ideas that can sound appealing to your friends and other close people can be too weird for those you’d like to lead. Your horoscope suggests that you be patient and reduce the level of your stubbornness for at least some time. Instead of making attempts to lead others, use your sincerity and courage. If you make a mistake doing something you can easily forget it and move on.





 In 2021, Hierophant is your most important card and your family relationship is the thing you’ll care about most. It’s also possible that you’ll think of starting your own family and the wisdom of this Tarot card will do you a favor. Taureans are typically filled with love and sympathy for others.

Stars say that you should trust your intuition and not be afraid of the truth. Your stamina will help you cope with all the challenges you face. Although Taurus people appreciate reliability and accuracy more than anything, sometimes it’s nice to simply relax, listen to good music, and get lazy. The patience of Taurus and the spiritual energy of Hierophant, when combined, will help you forget about the disappointments of the past.




2021 is the time of evaluation of your relationships with other people. Lovers is the card of your heart. In 2021, trust your feelings – you know better than others which relationship deserves being worked on and which should be ended as soon as possible. Your horoscope says that disputable situations are possible in 2021 and you’ll have to choose between different ways and search for the best solutions.

Your smart mind, dear Gemini, will help you make the right choice. It’s also possible in 2021 that you’ll decide to leave your job and work for yourself. However, remember that your sharp intellect can do you a disservice when it comes to establishing a friendly relationship with others.






As the Chariot card stands for dealing with obstacles and coping with challenges, 2021 is going to be a year of positive changes. What life demands you do is to find the courage and push your way out of the comfort zone as soon as possible. Chariot is going to inspire you, so don’t be afraid of pitfalls. Your horoscope says that in 2021, just like in any other year, home and family will become the most important things in your life.

Don’t let others tell you what to do – instead, trust your feelings and ideas. If you successfully cope with all these tasks, 2021 will become a year of satisfaction and fulfilling your dreams. Be aware of your romantic dreams – you can become too much involved in this situation and forget about your dear ones. Make sure you set the boundaries beforehand and won’t cross them.




Although Leo people are highly enthusiastic, in 2021 the Strength card will boost their energy immensely. A higher level of self-confidence will help you start new challenging endeavors. The natural authority of Leo guys will help them make their dreams come true.

However, don’t push too hard and remember that you can’t be the best in every single sphere of life. As Strength is a symbol of lust, above all, passion is something that will follow you throughout the year. No matter what you do and what initiatives you undertake, be sure you remember one thing – there’s just one step from pride to vanity. Make sure you never cross this subtle border.





Your 2021 Tarot card warns you, dear Virgo, that the year is going to become the time of concentration and loneliness for you. You’ll enjoy the time you’ll spend alone and use it to shape your thoughts and ideas before you start something new and great like a big project. In 2021, rely on your tenacity and hard work; however, be careful as deviations from your established rules can bring some inconvenience.

If you notice that worries start to accumulate, it means the time has come to relax. Virgo people usually have very high standards and are rather strict to themselves. It makes them afraid of risks. However, you should learn not to impose your attitude to life on others as many people, even among your close ones, may fail to understand you.




2021 is the year of spiritual cleaning for you, dear Libra. Harmony and balance are the most important things in your life, so make sure you solve the most important financial matters and focus on yourself. Justice is always unselfish and independent and is to encourage you in 2021.

Try to make up rules that will suit you and other people around you. Balance is the key to everything in 2021, so if you work hard, make sure to reward yourself with a joyful family holiday. If you spend too much energy you have to somehow compensate for it not to become completely exhausted. Before moving on, set the boundaries for your work and rest time and stick to it.





Don’t be scared, dear Scorpio – the card stands not for the real death, but a symbolic one. In 2021, Scorpio reps can expect a significant breakthrough and move to the “new yourself”. To move on, please remember to end things that torture or bother you. It includes your personal matters, professional ones, or any significant breakthrough in your life.

However, to create something new and great be ready to sacrifice something. Try to be more attentive to your health and don’t forget about the moments of solitude and tranquility. If you’re kind to yourself you’ll be kind to others, too. Don’t waste your precious energy on self-criticism or suspecting others.




In 2021, you’ll have to learn to balance two opposite spheres of your life. On one hand, you should learn to create something positive both in your personal life and in the professional sphere. To achieve success in your endeavors, however, you have to possess enough determination and strong will.

Don’t forget that being overly sincere is no good – it can unintentionally hurt some people around you. Be ready for compromises, too, and remember that your optimism is one of your most powerful tools. Be patient if you want to achieve bigger results.





In 2021, be ready for big temptations as Devil is the card responsible for these aspects of your life. You belong to the people who give all their energy and still want to have more. Analyze your strivings carefully now – if you want to do something naughty then just go for it!

If you have a more serious motivation make sure you stand with both your feet on the ground and think twice before taking an important decision. Don’t let your ambition get you into trouble – remember many people trust in you and rely on you. In 2021, try to be as reliable and timely as possible. Don’t criticize people even if they sometimes do some small things you dislike. Remember that we’re all human.




In 2021, you’ll have to work on your self-esteem as it’s the most productive way of gaining respect from others. Stars say you should use your intuition first and avoid worries about the skeptics that surround you. Your horoscope also suggests that you choose only the goals you can cope with if you want to avoid long-lasting disappointment. If you have certain original ideas, 2021 is a perfect year to turn them into reality.

If you have a couple of loyal friends ready to support you this task isn’t going to be a hard one. Use your inner strength most productively and don’t let others limit you. On the other hand, don’t explode at the moment you hear something unpleasant. First, listen to the people and then give your opinion.





In 2021, you can face certain problems that will make you start changing your life. When doing this, rely on your intuition as it will help you see things. You know it well that problems are just a part of your life and if you can learn from the mistakes you make it will soon make you stronger than ever before. Stars strongly advise that you shouldn’t try to cheat and lie even if you want to protect others.

If you face an unpredictable obstacle in 2021, you’ll have to make an important decision. If this decision turns out right, you will be able to save you lots of energy. Give more time and effort to your work and to the things that you enjoy doing. Your positive mood will make your close ones happier.

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