Your Summer Horoscope!

October 23 – November 21

You’d better use this summer to fix things up between you and your significant other, while Saturn is still in your sign (until September 17). You may even feel that time is running out and try to make a fundamental change in your relationship before it is too late. Another problem you will have to face with this summer is a lack of understanding: your partner may not be willing to support you in your pursuit of professional goals; he or she may not help you feel secure when you are most fragile due to the developments at work, which will result in you fencing yourself off. Do your best to take decisions from July 14 to August 5, while Venus is positioned at a good angle to Saturn. If you do not manage to achieve understanding and mutual support in your relationship, things may go too far, taking your love life to a point of no return. Single Scorpios will realize their interest or a deeper feeling for a particular person around the Full Moon on August 29. If you are brave enough to admit the way you are feeling towards this person, you may start a wonderful romantic relationship.

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