Your Summer Horoscope!

September 23 – October 22

You won’t feel ignored this summer, no doubt about it! Single Libras are almost sure to meet their significant other at a fun event. June 29 will be a very positive day for those who already have a steady relationship, as Venus will be effectively interacting with powerful Uranus. Use the celestial help and don’t shy away from bold actions – they may take your relationship to a whole new level. Mid-summer will open a number of promising romantic opportunities through your social life, especially around July 1, when Venus and Jupiter will be interacting in the most auspicious way possible. You can meet someone entirely new with the help of a friend or see a close pal in a completely new light. However, try to take every important step before July 31 or you will be delayed by Venus moving retrograde until September 6. Another unpleasant situation you may find yourself in this summer is a break up with a friend, which, however, will be a means to a good end – you can’t call a friend someone who is trying to mess with your romantic relationship, after all. And be careful with what you tell your partner after September 17 – retrograde Mercury will make him/her misinterpret every single thing you say.

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