Your Summer Horoscope!

May 21 – June 20

Don’t let the generally cloudy weather discourage you – your romantic perspectives are quite bright, especially while the season is still young! Venus will enter your 3rd House of Communication as soon as the season begins and will stay there until July 18 giving you more than enough chance to talk your potential significant other into telling you everything you need to know him/her better and lay a foundation for a future relationship. But if you fail to jump on the promising opportunity, put any important decisions you were planning to make (like taking your relationship to a new level) on the back burner, as Venus will turn retrograde on July 25 and will stay like this till September 6. September 17 will bring the disruptive influence of Mercury turning retrograde in your love sector: you may consider reuniting with your ex or fail to agree with your partner on matters involving children. Decisions won’t come easy this summer; probably, it will be best of all if you do not rush or panic and go with the flow. Don’t put too much effort in fixing whatever may seem broken, but make sure you learn every lesson you can.

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