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By Nataly Porter May 28, 2021
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March 21 - April 19

Your summer will be guarded by two Aries-friendly planets – Venus and Jupiter – which join in the 5th House of True Love and Pleasure to kick off a number of flagship developments in your love life, especially around June 29. However, Saturn will appear on the scene in mid-June and trouble the smooth waters of your relationship: while you want an easy-breezy romantic fling, your significant other may press for more commitment on your part. Don’t put off the discussion and talk things out before September 6, when your ability to make life-changing decisions and give love will be jeopardized. The Universe endows you with courage and decision, so be brave and open your heart! You are strong enough to show your partner how deep your love is and how vulnerable it makes you feel.

Your Summer Horoscope: Aries


April 20 - May 20

You may feel lay hopes on a new relationship that looms on the horizon in mid-July. Unfortunately, you should not get too excited – it’s the influence of Venus that enters your romance sector on July 18 and turns retrograde on July 25 giving you no chance whatsoever. Focus your attention on the situation you have at home: lend a helping hand to a relative struggling to solve an unexpected problem. Being a reliable family member will take up much of your time and energy, so don’t even try to fix your love life until September 6, when Venus will finally turn direct. Moreover, September 13 will bring a powerful Solar Eclipse in your love sector, and benefic Jupiter will enhance the influence by entering your 5th House of True Love and Pleasure on August 11. So, the opportunity will certainly be worth waiting for!


May 21 - June 20

Don’t let the generally cloudy weather discourage you – your romantic perspectives are quite bright, especially while the season is still young! Venus will enter your 3rd House of Communication as soon as the season begins and will stay there until July 18 giving you more than enough chance to talk your potential significant other into telling you everything you need to know him/her better and lay a foundation for a future relationship. But if you fail to jump on the promising opportunity, put any important decisions you were planning to make (like taking your relationship to a new level) on the back burner, as Venus will turn retrograde on July 25 and will stay like this till September 6. September 17 will bring the disruptive influence of Mercury turning retrograde in your love sector: you may consider reuniting with your ex or fail to agree with your partner on matters involving children. Decisions won’t come easy this summer; probably, it will be best of all if you do not rush or panic and go with the flow. Don’t put too much effort in fixing whatever may seem broken, but make sure you learn every lesson you can.


June 21 - July 22

This summer – especially from June 24 till August 8 – powerful Mars will endow you with sexual energy. A moment like this will only come your way in two-year’ time, so don’t you waste the unique opportunity. Your stamina and self-confidence are as high as ever, making anything you start a success. Your irresistible appeal is sure to attract the one you are interested in almost effortlessly, so don’t shy away and make the first step towards the relationship of your life! With things successful and promising, make sure you pay attention to two particular dates – July 14 and August 4, as the influence of planets will bring you loneliness and disappointment in your romantic perspectives, especially if you are single or your relationship is new. Those who have a steady relationship should be careful around July 1, as the Full Moon will charge you and your partner with extra emotion and fuel the idea of breaking up if it is already on your mind. End the relationship if you feel it’s best for both of you or spend a little time apart and have a fresh start on July 15, when the New Moon gives you a more optimistic view of your life!

Your Summer Horoscope: Cancer


July 23 - August 22

Early summer (until July 18, that is) will endow you with extra magnetism – use this time to shape a new image of yourself, say, have your hair cut, etc. It’s your chance to get noticed, so act while Venus is still moving direct in your sign! As it moves retrograde on July 31, love luck will literally abandon you until September 6: matters of romance will make you doubt and second guess; an unexpected turn of events may also make you learn a life lesson about what you should give to make your relationship work. Do not think, though, that giving is only referred to material values. You can’t buy love and if you try to, you may find yourself struggling to believe that you are actually worth something. But you are! You deserve to be loved, and if someone is not able to realize it, well, it’s just not your true significant other. Be strong and Mars will give you the courage to pursue love in late summer.


August 23 - September 22

Summer 2017 has a couple of lessons to teach you as far as your romantic relationship is concerned, especially if it is the thing you prefer to keep secret. On July 31 Venus will enter your 12th House of “All That’s Hidden,” thus making you struggle through a number of tough choices. Stop fantasizing – you deserve a real, committed relationship. Don’t be afraid of untangling real issues, of being hurt for real; stop protecting your heart and step outside your comfort zone to feel true love. Use the chance that a Solar Eclipse in Virgo (that will take place on September 13) will offer you and have a fresh start in every sphere of our life!


September 23 - October 23

You won’t feel ignored this summer, no doubt about it! Single Libras are almost sure to meet their significant other at a fun event. June 29 will be a very positive day for those who already have a steady relationship, as Venus will be effectively interacting with powerful Uranus. Use the celestial help and don’t shy away from bold actions – they may take your relationship to a whole new level. Mid-summer will open a number of promising romantic opportunities through your social life, especially around July 1, when Venus and Jupiter will be interacting in the most auspicious way possible. You can meet someone entirely new with the help of a friend or see a close pal in a completely new light. However, try to take every important step before July 31 or you will be delayed by Venus moving retrograde until September 6. Another unpleasant situation you may find yourself in this summer is a break up with a friend, which, however, will be a means to a good end – you can’t call a friend someone who is trying to mess with your romantic relationship, after all. And be careful with what you tell your partner after September 17 – retrograde Mercury will make him/her misinterpret every single thing you say.

Your Summer Horoscope: Libra


October 24 - November 22

You’d better use this summer to fix things up between you and your significant other, while Saturn is still in your sign (until September 17). You may even feel that time is running out and try to make a fundamental change in your relationship before it is too late. Another problem you will have to face this summer is a lack of understanding: your partner may not be willing to support you in your pursuit of professional goals; he or she may not help you feel secure when you are most fragile due to the developments at work, which will result in you fencing yourself off. Do your best to take decisions from July 14 to August 5, while Venus is positioned at a good angle to Saturn. If you do not manage to achieve understanding and mutual support in your relationship, things may go too far, taking your love life to a point of no return. Single Scorpios will realize their interest or a deeper feeling for a particular person around the Full Moon on August 29. If you are brave enough to admit the way you are feeling towards this person, you may start a wonderful romantic relationship.


November 23 - December 21

All summer long you will be urged from the inside to take your relationship to a new level of commitment. Intimacy – both physical and psychological – needs time, and summer 2017 will give you just enough to take baby steps and make a painless transition to a new phase. If you have always wanted to spice up your sexual life by exploring the more taboo aspects, this summer is the right time. Focus on two particular dates: June 29 and August 19, as surprising opportunities may open on these days. Get a fresh perspective of your love life by embarking on a romantic adventure on July 1 or August 4. Oh, and don’t discuss your love life with your friends after September 17 – their advice may be unsettling.


December 22 - January 19

June 24 will bring Mars into your partnership sector to heat up your marriage or steady relationship. The planet will stay in this sector until August 8, so use this once-in-two-year opportunity to spruce (or spice) up your love life. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat and spur arguments, but try to harness your selfishness. All in all, you and your partner will be able to sort every single thing out and become a stronger unit. With the New Moon in the same sector, July 15 will be a good day to make a fresh start or ensure more commitment in your relationship. July 8 will open a unique opportunity of achieving understanding and union of the spiritual level with your significant other – make sure you use it right! From July 31 till September 6, when Venus moves in retrograde through your 8th House of Joint Finances, you and your partner will have to solve a couple of financial issues. Avoid making new investments; if your relationship is new, don’t rush to move in together or share resources.

Your Summer Horoscope: Capricorn


January 20 - February 19

Do your best to work on the improvement of your marriage or committed relationship this summer – your union needs to be strong to withstand the blows of fate. With Venus moving in retrograde through your 7th House of Partnership between July 31 and September 6, you’ll have plenty of time to figure out whether your new relationship should be taken to a new level, whether your current partner is your true soul mate. This tough period may get you thinking about whether your relationship is worth fighting for; love and mutual respect will help to dispel every cloud. And don’t get too nervous when you find out that until August 11 Jupiter will supply fuel for the many difficulties in your love life – you’ll get support from the lucky planets of your signs and resolve any stressful situation you are struggling through!


February 20 - March 20

The romantic developments of this summer promise to be plentiful. Both single and attached Pisces will be influenced by confident Mars. With it in your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure from June 24 till August 8 you are sure to have LOTS of fun in your love and sex life! Single Pisces can expect much from the New Moon that will appear in their sector of true love on July 15, as it will help you spot your future significant other – make sure you are around people at that time not to miss the life-changing encounter! On August 11 a unique time period will start, as Jupiter will enter your 7th House of Partnership for the first time in 12 years! Its constructive influence will reinforce your relationship for the next year: you may decide to live together, get engaged or even married! Unfortunately, Jupiter won’t be able to patch up the relationship that is bursting at the seams, but it will certainly ensure a positive ending of a painful period of your life. And remember to focus on the events of September 13, when the Solar Eclipse will take place in your 7th House opening a host of opportunities for a fresh start.

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