Who are you in a romantic relationship?

April 20 – May 20

Sensuality and stability – these are things that Taureans appreciate most in their relationship. However, stability for them never means boredom – on the contrary, having a Taurus native his or her partner, the person can be sure that a complicated combination of sensitivity and toughness will never leave their relationship. To others, Taurus may seem a closed and composed personality – somebody who is constantly searching for his love of a lifetime. But why can it be hard for a sign rep to find one? Taureans don’t want to “play” in love and when they find the right one, they just stick to this relationship without any meaningless dates and constant search for dozens of admirers. For some people, such an approach may seem unacceptable which makes it harder for a Taurus person to pick and hold the one this sign needs. Don’t get upset, though, and just explain to your potential partner that stability is not necessarily something boring!

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