Who are you in a romantic relationship?

February 19 – March 20

Here it comes – the most well-known building-castles-in-the-air sign is the most mysterious one, too. Probably, Neptune is the one to blame for such a situation as the ruling planet of the sign is a planet of fantasy and those born under Pisces are happy to be absorbed by romance and fantasy. On the other hand, Pisces people are gentle and sensitive which enables them to iron out difficulties in their love relationships when it’s necessary. Two fish moving in opposite directions are the symbol of the sign and it can serve a symbol of any person belonging to the Pisces sign. These guys look for a partner who’s ready to accept both security and freedom from their Pisces partner. However, as these qualities seldom go together, a Pisces native stays alone and puzzled. Make your final choice and decide what you want – drama or safety – and follow the chosen path. 

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