Who are you in a romantic relationship?

September 23 – October 22

The ruling planet of the sign is Venus, the well-known symbol of love and romance. It’s not a surprise that those born under the sign are full of harmony, endless charm, and beauty, both outer and inner. Libra natives feel best when they have a partner they can spend the whole life with. On the other hand, you’re a born perfectionist who’s ready to wander the Earth for many years looking for the only one. This can lead to one quite sound yet rather unpleasant consequence – you’ll wait and wait for the right life partner while your close ones will keep wondering why such a pleasant and attractive person is still alone. You may have heaps of admirers but still, be unable to see what’s wrong with them (or with you). Try to change your attitude a bit – pick THE partner wisely, but don’t be hypercritical. 

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