Who are you in a romantic relationship?

June 21 – July 22

The most family-oriented sign of the zodiac, a Cancer representative needs one steady partner who will support him or her throughout the lifetime. They need someone they will nurture, trust, and spend all free time with. While Cancer mates are busy trying their first cocktails and attending their first parties, this sign is choosing names for the future children and thinking over the decoration of their future nurseries. Cancers typically have a very small circle of friends and often find their future soulmates inside it. However, it’s not that simple – Cancer guys are very moody and demand their partners respect their feelings. Confidence in a romantic relationship is another essential thing for you and it can’t but influence the type of person this sign reps pay attention to – successful and self-confident guys. They help you feel more confident, too, and, consequently, much happier. 

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