Who are you in a romantic relationship?

January 20 – February 18

One of the most unconventional zodiac signs, Aquarians are about the future and friendship. They want to stay different from others in almost any aspect, even when it concerns their romantic relationship. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to understand an Aquarian. On one hand, they believe in true love and keep searching for a person who could become both their best friend and their perfect love partner. On the other hand, the independent spirit of the sign urging its reps to be involved in casual connections and be rather unpredictable when it concerns love life. To make things even more complicating, Uranus comes as your ruling planet – and Uranus is known as a planet of surprises and sharp moves. It makes many Aquarians get married when still very young yet divorce just as suddenly. To achieve success in your romantic relationship, try to be a bit less eccentric when it comes to choosing a life partner. 

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