Who are you in a romantic relationship?

By Nataly Porter May 10, 2021
We’re all very different when it comes to love and romantic relationships. Some of us appreciate fragrant roses and dream of getting married, others want nothing but a no-string attached relationship, and some want nothing at all. Things that send one sign to heaven make others angry as hell. What do you want from your perfect relationship and how do you behave when in love? Choose your sign to learn!

How does your sign behave in love?


March 21 - April 19

Aries natives are independent people who, on one hand, love to love others but, on the other hand, need much time and space to stay alone. The problem is that you give a lot of attention to your partner you expect the same attitude in return. If your significant other isn’t going to make you the center of his or her universe, for an Aries there is no reason to stay together. And still, Aries guys prefer to remain independent and don’t want their partner to control them. An important part of this side of your character is that you need and want attention and want your dear one to stay by your side.

Aries: Who are you in a romantic relationship?


April 20 - May 20

Sensuality and stability – these are things that Taureans appreciate most in their relationship. However, stability for them never means boredom – on the contrary, having a Taurus native his or her partner, the person can be sure that a complicated combination of sensitivity and toughness will never leave their relationship. To others, Taurus may seem a closed and composed personality – somebody who is constantly searching for his love of a lifetime. But why can it be hard for a sign rep to find one? Taureans don’t want to “play” in love and when they find the right one, they just stick to this relationship without any meaningless dates and constant search for dozens of admirers. For some people, such an approach may seem unacceptable which makes it harder for a Taurus person to pick and hold the one this sign needs. Don’t get upset, though, and just explain to your potential partner that stability is not necessarily something boring!


May 21 - June 20

As Gemini is the sign of twins, loving a representative of this sign can feel like loving two different people instead of one. Sometimes it can be pretty hard but it’s never boring! For those planning to date a Gemini guy it’s vital to remember it’s hard to find a person who’s compatible with all sides of this diversified personality. Another thing to remember about Gemini is that they love to flirt and can’t do without the courtships phase of a relationship. However, such an attitude has a negative side, too – it’s hard for them to distinguish between a real thing and pure flirting. For you, any love-related fun seems very serious. There are not many people able to understand you and the way you feel, and these people are the ones you should stick to. 


June 21 - July 22

The most family-oriented sign of the zodiac, a Cancer representative needs one steady partner who will support him or her throughout the lifetime. They need someone they will nurture, trust, and spend all their free time with. While Cancer mates are busy trying their first cocktails and attending their first parties, this sign is choosing names for the future children and thinking over the decoration of their future nurseries. Cancers typically have a very small circle of friends and often find their future soulmates inside it. However, it’s not that simple – Cancer guys are very moody and demand their partners respect their feelings. Confidence in a romantic relationship is another essential thing for you and it can’t but influence the type of person this sign reps pay attention to – successful and self-confident guys. They help you feel more confident, too, and, consequently, much happier. 

Cancer: Who are you in a romantic relationship?


July 23 - August 22

One of the most romantic, passionate, and affectionate representatives of the astrology circle, Leos enjoy it when they’re in love. They want the whole world to know they are not single anymore and who their new partner is. Such bright couples everybody was speaking about as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez or Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are both Leos, and their relationship is seldom unnoticed by others. Leo’s relationship can be anything but boring – poetry, red roses, fireworks, expensive gifts, unexpected trips should always be a part of Leo’s love life. They like to spoil and to be spoiled and don’t imagine their relationship with a partner without constant attention to themselves. 


August 23 - September 22

The brightest quality of Virgo people in love is their selectiveness. Virgo guys are picky and have very high standards especially when it concerns their significant others. The brightest perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgo reps would rather be alone than waste time on those they don’t consider a perfect choice. In some cases, it’s hard for them to even give another person a chance – a small blunder can become the reason your relationship comes to an end. Be careful, dear Virgo – first dates can’t go without nervousness so it may be essential to learn to give people one more chance. 


September 23 - October 23

The ruling planet of the sign is Venus, the well-known symbol of love and romance. It’s not a surprise that those born under the sign are full of harmony, endless charm, and beauty, both outer and inner. Libra natives feel best when they have a partner they can spend the whole life with. On the other hand, you’re a born perfectionist who’s ready to wander the Earth for many years looking for the only one. This can lead to one quite sound yet rather unpleasant consequence – you’ll wait and wait for the right life partner while your close ones will keep wondering why such a pleasant and attractive person is still alone. You may have heaps of admirers but still, be unable to see what’s wrong with them (or with you). Try to change your attitude a bit – pick THE partner wisely, but don’t be hypercritical. 

Libra: Who are you in a romantic relationship?


October 24 - November 22

Scorpio is known as the sexiest zodiac sign and it would be a mistake to say this statement is completely wrong. However, what they look for are timeless bonds that would embrace everything – mind, body, and soul. In love, you’re very versatile – you can be the most devoted partner or the one who changes lovers like a woman changes clothes. The trick is the following – you want to be sure your long-term relationship is worth the effort. If it is, you’ll stick to it. If it’s not, you’ll just enjoy the moment. Another reason a Scorpio rep is reluctant to start a deep relationship is that he or she not just loves but fuses with the significant other. They don’t want to lose themselves and, in most cases, prefer the new affair to remain light and not too engaging. 


November 23 - December 21

Sagittarians belong to one of the most adventurous zodiac signs along with Aquarians and brave Leos. They keep seeking knowledge and something new and when it comes to a romantic connection the representatives of the sign need somebody to stand by their side and explore the new sides of life and love together. However, when it comes to profound relationships Sagittarius turns into a rather contradictory person. It’s no coincidence that a centaur – half-horse and half-human – is the symbol of the sign. You’re guided by both animal instincts and a human mind; all the morals, rules, and wisdom exist in a Sag person along with the most malign desires. You want divine inspiration to come to you but can’t get rid of the earthly pleasures that appeal to you as well! Try to find someone who will genuinely want to explore the world around you together with you.


December 22 - January 19

The workaholics of the zodiac can find it the hardest thing to establish the proper balance between their job and their family life. For a serious Cap, love is not just romance – it’s a serious business with definite aims and a strict plan to stick to. Another important fact about caps is that they’d rather stay alone than waste time changing partners. On the other hand, they’re eager to start a family and it can be a reason why they don’t spend time choosing a good spouse. Several marriages that follow one another are not rare when we speak about Capricorns. For a Capricorn, status means a lot; a thing you value most – money, good looks, or a college degree – should be a thing your lifelong partner possesses in spades. You often act as the “rock” of your family which can become a problem for workaholic Caps. We know you love your job but don’t forget that your family needs you, too.

Capricorn: Who are you in a romantic relationship?


January 20 - February 19

One of the most unconventional zodiac signs, Aquarians are about the future and friendship. They want to stay different from others in almost any aspect, even when it concerns their romantic relationship. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to understand an Aquarian. On one hand, they believe in true love and keep searching for a person who could become both their best friend and their perfect love partner. On the other hand, the independent spirit of the sign urging its reps to be involved in casual connections and be rather unpredictable when it concerns love life. To make things even more complicating, Uranus comes as your ruling planet – and Uranus is known as a planet of surprises and sharp moves. It makes many Aquarians get married when still very young yet divorce just as suddenly. To achieve success in your romantic relationship, try to be a bit less eccentric when it comes to choosing a life partner. 


February 20 - March 20

Here it comes – the most well-known building-castles-in-the-air sign is the most mysterious one, too. Probably, Neptune is the one to blame for such a situation as the ruling planet of the sign is a planet of fantasy and those born under Pisces are happy to be absorbed by romance and fantasy. On the other hand, Pisces people are gentle and sensitive which enables them to iron out difficulties in their love relationships when it’s necessary. Two fish moving in opposite directions are the symbol of the sign and it can serve as a symbol of any person belonging to the Pisces sign. These guys look for a partner who’s ready to accept both security and freedom from their Pisces partner. However, as these qualities seldom go together, a Pisces native stays alone and puzzled. Make your final choice and decide what you want – drama or safety – and follow the chosen path. 

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