Which Oscar You’ll Win, According to Your Sign

Best Director

What a surprise, isn’t it? We bet you’ve been sure Leo would take Best Actor or Actress, right? Of course, Leo people are charismatic, they love to be in the center of everybody’s attention, love drama and possess all the qualities typical of their bright zodiac sign. They can and are willing to make others look at them and adore them. However, there is one thing we shouldn’t forget – it’s not the actors who play the main role in the film; any film “belongs” to its director. It’s hard to even imagine what amounts of hard work, talent, persistence, and love are to be piled into a movie. So, if somebody leaves a personal stamp on this creation, it's certainly the film's director. In other words, the director’s vision is the boss’ vision. And who wants to be the boss if not Leo?

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