Reasons Why Being Single is Better

By Diana Nov 29, 2023
A relationship can be a delightful union, but have you ever realized the perks of the solo life? Before you lament your single status, here's a revelation – being single can be incredibly exciting, empowering, and downright fabulous! Let's find out why!

1. Operating on Your Own Timeline

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Being single is like having a remote control for your life. Every decision, every plan, and every spontaneous moment operates on a timeline tailored uniquely to you. Missed that morning alarm? No worries, there's no one to judge. Feeling like an impromptu spa day or a midnight snack run? Go ahead! There's a genuine sense of freedom when you aren't synchronizing your daily routines with someone else. You can opt for a wild night out with friends without worrying about waking someone up when you return. Or maybe you're the kind who loves lazy weekends reading a book or binge-watching your favorite series – without the need to negotiate the TV remote or argue over which show to watch next. This personal timeline isn't just about daily routines; it also extends to life goals. Pursue that Master's abroad, switch careers, or take a gap year traveling. Your dreams and aspirations aren't tied down or influenced by your partner's plans.

2. Ladies' Gatherings Are Incredibly Authentic

There's a certain magic in the air when it's just the girls. There's a raw, unfiltered authenticity that these gatherings bring, unmatched by any other social setting. Without the presence of significant others, there's uninhibited freedom that lets every woman truly be herself. From personal anecdotes and workplace dramas to guilty pleasure topics like celebrity gossip and beauty tips – everything's on the table. Remember those nostalgic trips down memory lane? Those embarrassing school tales or the recounting of past escapades? With a ladies-only crowd, these stories are told without a filter, sparking peals of laughter and moments of reflection. Then there are those fun elements that are unique to ladies' gatherings: the fashion shows with borrowed clothes, spontaneous dance-offs, beauty experiments, and, yes, those endless photo sessions ensuring everyone gets their perfect shot.

3. Your Living Space is Minus the Male-Mess

Ah, the unparalleled joy of a home that remains exactly as you left it! One of the unsung perks of singlehood is the bliss of a living space free from the often chaotic imprint of male cohabitation. Picture your bathroom with your skincare and beauty products meticulously lined up and devoid of stray beard trimmings or that aftershave scent lingering way too long. The toilet seat? Always down, just the way you like it!

But it's not just about cleanliness or order. A male-free living space means your feminine touch shines in every nook and corner. From the lavender-scented candles and the floral decor to the soft pastel shades, every element resonates with your personality.

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4. The Obligation to Split Food is Nonexistent

A woman eating chips and watching TV

Ordering that extra-large pizza with all the toppings you love? It's all yours! No more dividing your favorite dessert or passing on the last slice of pie. Or picture this: you're cozied up with a bag of your favorite potato chips while binge-watching a series. There’s a bliss in knowing you won't suddenly find the bag empty because someone else had a bigger hand in it. Indulge your culinary cravings guilt-free.

5. No Dealing with Mind-Games

Navigating relationships often feels like being thrust into an unsolicited game of chess, where each move comes with overthinking, second-guessing, and trying to predict the next play. One of the refreshing aspects of singlehood is the freedom from these exhausting mental gymnastics. Remember those moments when a simple text or lack thereof would spiral into hours of analysis? "Why hasn't he replied yet?", "Was that emoji a subtle hint?", or the classic "Is he being distant or just busy?". Being single means these mind-bending puzzles are a thing of the past. Moreover, without these mind games, you find a clearer perspective on what you truly desire in a relationship. You realize the value of straightforward communication and the beauty of connections free from pretense and manipulation.

6. A World Full of Greater Opportunities Awaits

When you're single, there's an inherent flexibility in the choices you make. Dreamt of backpacking across Europe or volunteering in a remote village? Now's your time! Without the need to accommodate a partner's preferences, desires, or schedules, the world truly becomes your oyster. This newfound freedom extends to career choices, personal growth, and learning. Ever thought of switching careers, enrolling in a night class, or moving cities for a dream job? Being single means you can make these decisions based on one primary factor: what's best for you. 

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7. Greater Chances of Saying "Yes"

Your social opportunities multiply. You're more likely to say 'yes' to random invitations, make new friends, or dive into new communities, be it a book club, a dance class, or a local theater group. Each interaction, each new face, promises a fresh perspective, a different story, or a potential lifelong friend. The flexibility of singlehood allows you to embrace experiences without hesitation. Your life, your rules, and a whole lot of 'yeses'!

8. Complete Ownership of Your Finances

Money matters, and when you're single, there's distinct freedom in having complete autonomy over your financial landscape. Think about those shopping sprees where you splurge on a luxury item or that quirky piece of decor without second-guessing if your partner might disapprove. Or consider those moments when you decide to save for something big, like a solo vacation or a course, without needing to discuss or justify. Being single ensures your budget is yours alone. There's no need to factor in a partner's expenses, debts, or financial commitments. This clarity allows for a streamlined financial plan that's tailored to your aspirations and needs.

9. Life-Changing Choices Are Streamlined

A woman opening the door to her new life

When you're single, making life-altering choices becomes more streamlined, primarily because it revolves around one central character – you. Consider the scenario of a job offer in a new city or even a different country. When single, the primary factors influencing your decision might be the job role, city lifestyle, and personal growth opportunities. You wouldn't need to consider a partner's career, feelings about relocating, or the potential strain on the relationship. Similarly, decisions about pursuing further education, taking a sabbatical, starting a business, or even simpler choices like adopting a pet or picking up a new hobby become more straightforward.

While relationships have their charm, let's not undervalue the joy of singlehood. Embrace it, relish it, and remember: Life is all about cherishing every phase, and being single is undoubtedly one worth celebrating!

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