Ranking Girlfriends from Best to Worst Based on Your Birth Month

By Eugenia Jan 09, 2024
Does being born in April make you a magnet for romance, or do December babies have an edge in the dating game? Find out if your birthday month gives you an advantage in love, but take it with a grain of salt – it's just a fun way to look at the stars, not a serious guide to dating!


Women born in December are like the holiday season they arrive in – full of surprises and warmth. They are the ones who light up a room faster than a Christmas tree, bringing joy wherever they go. But don't be fooled by their festive spirit; when it comes to drama, they are as cold as the winter air.

They are the perfect combination of New Year's resolution and the calm of a snowy night. With the December lady, every day seems like the best holiday – joyful, cozy, and always a little magical. She's the one who will make you believe that maybe, just maybe, love is the best gift in the world.

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Ranking Girlfriends from Best to Worst Based on Your Birth Month
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Women born in October embody the best qualities of autumn: a mixture of spices, everything pleasant, and a hint of mystery. They are refreshing, like the first cool breeze of autumn, bringing a feeling of excitement and change. With a love for pumpkin-spiced dates and cozy sweaters, they turn every outing into a charming adventure.

But don't let their love for pumpkin carving fool you; these ladies are as sharp as the knives they wield. They combine the spooky atmosphere of Halloween with the warmth of bonfire night, making every moment spent with them unforgettable. With an October girl, you will have a relationship as vibrant and ever-changing as autumn leaves.


Women born in July are like the heart of summer – bright, fiery, and full of life. They bring the heat of beach days and the sparkle of fireworks to any relationship. With a passion that rivals the July sun, these ladies strive to make the most of every moment. They are the ones who plan spontaneous trips or midnight swims.

But it's not all sunshine and beach parties; July women have depth, like cool, serene summer nights. They are as loyal as they are cheerful and make sure that even in cool weather, the warmth of their affection is maintained.


June-born women are the epitome of early summer bliss: bright, fresh, and effortlessly charming. They bring the freshness of a June morning, shedding light and laughter into their relationship like sunlight through leaves. Known for their sunny nature, they are as uplifting as the longest day of the year.

These ladies have a depth reminiscent of a summer solstice evening, combining warmth with a touch of mystery. They are the perfect picnic partners, always ready for a new adventure. With a girl born in June, life feels like a continuous dance in the summer air.

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Ranking Girlfriends from Best to Worst Based on Your Birth Month
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March-born women are like the first breath of spring: a refreshing and delightful hint of what lies ahead. They represent the transition from cold, quiet winter to the bright colors of spring. With energy as unpredictable and energetic as the March weather, these ladies keep everything exciting and dynamic. They are just as comfortable dancing in the rain as basking in the early spring sun.

Their resilience and adaptability are as admirable as the first flowers to withstand the cold. With a girl born in March, expect a relationship filled with growth, rejuvenation, and the occasional surprise.


January women are the dating world's New Year's resolutions, full of promise, determination, and a refreshing start. They bring the fresh, invigorating energy of a winter morning into a relationship. Known for their determination and clarity, just like in the first month of the year, these women love to set goals and achieve results.

But it's not just about seriousness and goal-setting; January ladies know how to brighten up the darkest winter days with their warmth and humor. With a January girl, you get the cozy comfort of fireside chat and the thrill of new beginnings, all rolled into one.


November women are like the very essence of autumn – deep, complex, and a little unpredictable. They're the ones that combine the warmth of Thanksgiving dinner with the mystery of a foggy morning. Known for their devotion and depth, they are as comforting as a knitted scarf on a cold day.

Their strong will is admirable, but it can turn into stubbornness faster than leaves falling from the trees. And although they love deeply, their independence is as obvious as bare branches against the sky.

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Ranking Girlfriends from Best to Worst Based on Your Birth Month
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May women are the embodiment of spring in full bloom – bright, lively, and radiating positivity. They are the ones who bring color and energy to a relationship, like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Their spirit is as bright as the May sun, and they are often the life of the party, spreading joy and laughter wherever they go.

Their enthusiasm is contagious but can sometimes feel overwhelming, like too much spring rain. And although they are usually as cheerful as a clear spring day, their temperament can flare up unexpectedly, reminding us that even on the most beautiful days of May, sudden thunderstorms can occur.


August women are like a summer afternoon: hot, energetic, and full of life. They bring the heat of summer passion into a relationship, turning every moment into a sunny adventure. Their confidence shines as bright as the August sun, and they often have a magnetic charisma.

They can be stubborn, sticking to their guns as firmly as sunbathers cling to their spots on the beach. And while they're usually as vibrant and exciting as a summer festival, their intensity can sometimes feel overwhelming, like the unrelenting August heat.


Women born in February are like the cozy, mysterious heart of winter – charming and a little elusive. They bring a depth of emotion and introspection to a relationship that is reminiscent of a quiet winter's night. Known for their sensitive and thoughtful nature, they are as comforting as a warm blanket on a cold evening.

They can also be unpredictable, like a storm at the end of winter, their moods changing as quickly as the weather. And although they are usually as serene as softly falling snow, their quiet exterior can hide a cool aloofness.


Ranking Girlfriends from Best to Worst Based on Your Birth Month
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September-born women are like a gentle transition from summer to fall – thoughtful and full of calm energy. They bring a sense of calm and orderliness to relationships. However, their love of order can sometimes develop into over-controlling behavior.

They can also be as critical as the autumn chill and are quick to point out flaws in plans or ideas. And although they are usually as harmonious as the autumn equinox, their perfectionist streak can lead to disappointment.


April-born women are the embodiment of spring's playful and dynamic essence – lively, refreshing, and full of surprises. They bring an energetic burst of life to a relationship, akin to the first sprouts of spring after a long winter. However, their spontaneity can sometimes border on impulsiveness, leading to decisions as unpredictable as a spring weather forecast.

They can also be as changeable as the month itself, their moods shifting like the sudden transition from sunshine to rain. And while they are usually as bright and cheerful as a field of spring flowers, their restless nature can sometimes leave you feeling like you're chasing after a gust of whimsy.  

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