Lucky Numbers for the Zodiac this Fall

By Steph Sep 22, 2021
Find out what numbers will guide your sign in the coming months!

As fall approaches and the sun moves into Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, considering how each sign may adapt to this time of growth and rebirth can be very interesting. Lucky numbers can help to identify the path we should be following, signs we can see in our own lives, and the spiritual relationships between signs.

What numbers should you be looking out for?

Below we discuss what’s in store for the zodiac signs in fall, as well as the numerological signs they can be looking out for.

Aries – Number 4

Naturally fiery and headstrong, Aries can easily sail through seasons without taking much notice of their wellbeing. Perhaps the dramatic astrological fall can bring you back down to reality? Your lucky number 4 is all about finding security in self-care.

Being pragmatic and laying solid foundations for the future may be a challenge to you, but your number 4 encourages you to consider how you can plan ahead and nurture yourself, perhaps avoiding some of the burns and scorns of your usually intense nature. Looking after yourself can be the most productive activity of all.

Taurus – Number 9

How will your zodiac sign influence you this season?
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Fall can be a hard season for stability-loving Taurus, who is idealistic and forthright. The confusion of the turbulent season might seem daunting, but your lucky number — 9 — encourages you to harness your inner sense of determination and push through.

While the fall may make you want to bury your head in the sand, the number 9 recognizes the strength of perseverance within you. Don’t doubt yourself so much. Finding practical goals and sticking with them can aid you in pushing through the chaos.

Gemini – Number 7

Adaptable as they come, Geminis may well thrive in the hot-headed fall months, but losing focus can be detrimental to you. You tend to have lots on your mind and plenty of ideas, but keeping track of the many plots and plans you make can prove difficult.

The number 7 symbolizes the need to be thorough and thoughtful, even though you may at times struggle to relate to these ideas. Put it this way; adaptability can be dependability when used correctly. Though you may flit between confidence and insecurity, stability and chaos, your true talent is turning your hand to many things. Your remarkable way of thinking deserves to be heard out.

Cancer – Number 2

Fall is a time when nature is at its most beautiful. Reconnecting with the earth during the fall season can be very powerful.
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As a highly emotive Cancer, you can witness other people seeing things with greater rationale and come to doubt your natural intuitive abilities. You may consider yourself a sensitive soul, someone with heightened perception and a way of seeing past facades. Notice that this intuition, represented by the number 2, allows you to divine information that others cannot, and while you may sometimes see emotions to your detriment, they can be highly symbolic gestures.

Number 2 encourages you to ground yourself and trust in the way that the universe is behaving. You can withdraw from turbulence all you want, but riding those waves is a far more powerful tool. If you can learn to view emotions correctly using your intuition, you needn’t be so hurt by them.

Leo – Number 5

As a native Leo, you respect your freedom and autonomy like no other. Finally, this seems like your time to shine. So, take center stage, and see how you can lead others to prioritize themselves and their joy. Love is nothing if it is not shared. The trick here is to find the boundary between self-love and selfishness and walk that fine line.

Your lucky number 5 recognizes the need for change and the way that humans can sometimes succeed as they tumble through the unknown. Not everybody sees the changes in life with as much possibility as you do, so spread your warmth, like the sun that rules your sign. 

Virgo – Number 3

When the sun has left the sign of Virgo and moves into the season of fall, there can be a lackluster sense to the air, a stagnancy in creativity and motivation. At least that’s how a native Virgo might perceive it. While the spotlight might since have left you, it does not mean you can’t quietly work on passion projects by yourself.

The number 3 suggests that you need to place the value of creativity over the pride that can sometimes engulf the Virgo psyche. Just because nobody is watching doesn’t mean what you’re making isn’t art. You won’t get far if your creative process is focused on those who see you creating.

Libra – Number 6

The fall is an important time to relax and reflect
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A key concept for the sign of Libra is balance. Whether or not you find balance easy to come by, a sense of grounding can be found through embracing change and adapting to growth in various areas of your life. Take time to steady yourself. Although change can be scary and can seem to slide the scales of life in different directions, finding focus in newfound areas is vital for growth.

The number 6 represents this concept of regrowth and personal development, encouraging you to view your situation with brand new eyes. You have the power for compassion, both towards yourself and others. Try to simply observe the situations around you without always becoming so invested.

Scorpio – Number 8

The Scorpio nature is incredibly deep and thoughtful, with many layers well worth exploring both for personal development and for the sake of fun. You’re an infectious human being, someone others find great joy in. The fall is your time to thrive, make the most of the mental abundance blessing you, and use it to create memories.

The number 8 is a symbol of prosperity and manifestation. You can use this season of your life to appreciate all that is good in your life and work towards producing newer, even better outcomes. Enjoy the present for all that it is, and then consider how your life could be even better. You have the capacity to change your world.

Sagittarius – Number 8

A native in Sagittarius can be rather headstrong, perhaps sometimes to their own detriment. Once you get an idea in your head, it can be hard to change your mind, for better or worse. Use this period of time to feel out all the options you have, weigh out the pros and cons, and evaluate what has gone well for you. The sign of the number 8 can help you with this.

Use the symbolism of number 8, which encourages manifesting abundance, to assert your true goals and work towards them. There’s a reason the phrase "be careful what you wish for" is so widely circulated. Maybe you should stop and think about the kind of things you want to attract into your life.

Capricorn – Number 2

Your balanced, mature self may struggle to find good footing in the fall when things are changing and everybody seems to have somewhere to be. Now can be a good time to reaffirm your wisdom. Even if it means becoming the hermit, the symbol of number 2 encourages you to seek some much-needed harmony.

Number 2 is also a sign of intuition and self-belief, and relying on the confidence-boosting knowledge that you have may certainly help you to juggle commitments, relationships, and changes that occur over the fall. Remember all the times you praised others for their foresight and understanding? Let that reflect back into yourself.

Aquarius – Number 3

Aquarians can be total enigmas, social creatures who like to be alone, wise people who make strange decisions. On the surface, there seems to be a paradox in Aquarians. You don’t have to change this for anyone, but make sure you are on the right page with yourself. Finding composure within yourself is all that matters. Number 3 emphasizes the importance of healthy self-expression. Try and find an outlet to bring together the many corners of your mind.

Creative number 3 highlights the acceptance of your eccentricity and the bold patterns you can make when you put your mind to pursuits that inspire you. Never change for anyone but yourself.

Pisces – Number 4

It can be difficult to know which path to follow for a Pisces in fall. Trust your intuition.
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The emotional, distinguished Pisces can find the fall months rather complicated. While the urge to hibernate may be strong, seeking comfort in good books and movies, it’s important that you keep your wisdom sharpened and continue to see things for what they are. Ignoring the signs is never a good idea, but especially not for a sensitive sign like Pisces.

The number 4 suggests an air of grounding may be necessary. Return to reality, perhaps spend some time in nature. It helps to remember the simpler things in life when everything feels too much. Take responsibility for yourself and become your own expert navigator as you walk the path of these potentially complicated months. Remember that everything you need already exists within you.

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