How to Begin Learning Astrology

By Desi Rose Oct 11, 2022
Learning astrology does not have to be daunting or time-consuming when you know the proper steps to take.

Have you ever had a conversation that turned to astrology and got instantly lost? Birth charts, planetary alignments, zodiac signs? What even is astrology? All these things can seem very alien when you are first starting out. Below we will dive into answering the question "What is astrology?" 

Astrology for Beginners

First things first: understanding astrology for beginners should start with a definition. Astrology is the study of our connection to the Universe through vibration and energy. These vibrations and energies wax and wane depending on planetary positioning. In our speck of the Universe, our solar system is constantly balancing to keep every planet, moon, and star in its alignment. This balance flows as we hurl through space. You may have heard that everyone is crazy during a full moon or the world is awful because of Mercury Retrograde. These are glimpses of that flowing balance. Though appearing very mystical and even whimsical, astrology is actually based on scientific fact. The push and pull of our solar system affect us on a cellular level. We are, at the end of the day, flowing energy.  Now that you know what astrology is, let's look into basic astrology for beginners. 

The Universe is always balancing itself
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How to Learn Beginner Astrology

The easiest way to start your journey with astrology basics is to study yourself. Discover your birth chart and learn what each planet does and says about you. You may disagree wholeheartedly or may find some interesting tidbits about yourself. Either way, the birth chart will explain the zodiac signs' meaning and break down each planet based on its position at the moment of your birth. This is a great way to start learning and understanding astrology while finding out fun facts about yourself. 

Moving from that, it is time to branch out and choose one or two planets and one or two zodiac signs other than yours to learn about and make astrology notes for beginners. This will slowly broaden your knowledge, and soon, you will have no trouble keeping up with conversations with friends or looking at astrology answers that will matter in your life.

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