Horoscope for Women!

September 23 – October 22

There is nothing contrived or superficial about your desire to make others happy and to create amicable relationships with everyone in your world. These admirable traits could be enhanced noticeably with the Full Moon occupying your sign at this time. This could boost your natural diplomacy and encourage you to be a peacemaker where such a role is needed. However, there are limits to what even you can do to keep everyone satisfied. It can be easy to overlook or ignore your needs by doing so, and putting your personal priorities first isn't selfish, it's fair. So, do what's only fair.

Today's Full Moon in your sign could bring a revelation regarding what you feel is missing in your love life. You might need to accept that certain needs are changing in the light of changing circumstances, too. You could find that you're investing too much effort to address someone else's needs at the expense of your own. Once you make a conscious effort to respond to what your heart deems most important, you'll be able to positive action confidently.

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