Horoscope for Women!

May 21 – June 20

You might need to make more of an effort to trust your instincts if they tell you that a point you conveyed has been understood by the listener today. The Full Moon enhances self-expression and your ability to convey yourself clearly and positively. However, even if you sense in the tiniest way that it's necessary to reiterate or drill home a certain point, it could be easy to go over the top. Don't underestimate - or abuse - your power of persuasion at this time.

This could be a time when any insecurities that influence your attitude toward love and relationships can be faced and turned to your advantage. With the right mindset, you can enter new and exciting territory with a special person. Your romantic circumstances might be changing in ways that don't quite fit certain plans, but your resilient heart can adapt to these if you embrace them honestly.

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