Getting Along with Your Ex by Sign

By Nataly Porter Dec 11, 2023
Breaking up is never easy, and getting along with an ex who may have hurt you by lying, cheating, or disrespecting your feelings can be especially difficult. However, in some situations, it's essential to maintain a cordial relationship with your ex, such as when you share children. Astrology can help you navigate those waters, even if it doesn't guarantee to dissolve all conflicts with your ex.

Aries Ex 

Aries Ex
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Aries react impulsively without thinking through the consequences, and they may get angry if they feel their independence or ego has been threatened. It's important not to put them down, primarily if an issue, such as child-rearing, affects more than just the two of you. Instead, speak about the benefits of making a change for everyone involved.

Taurus Ex

Tauruses can be notoriously stubborn and may resist doing things differently just because you want them to. If there's a habit you want them to drop, convey how much it bothers you a few times, then decide whether it impairs your relationship with them. If it does, it may be best to end the relationship. If not, use positive reinforcement, as Taureans respond better to encouragement and reward than resistance. The key is to let them go at their own pace.

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Gemini Ex 

Geminis are known for their quick wit and faster mouths, which can make getting along with them difficult. Honesty is the best policy with Gemini reps, but it's best not to engage them in verbal combat, as it will only escalate. Speak honestly when something hurts your feelings, and ask pointedly if they want to lose the benefit of your friendship and goodwill. It's wiser to engage them from the heart than the mind.

Cancer Ex 

Cancer Ex
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Cancers want to avoid vulnerability and may not tackle an issue directly. If they're upset about something, they may talk about a different topic rather than directly discussing their feelings. Don't get caught in that trap. If you can't guess why, ask if they're upset about something else. Cancerians have excellent memories, so avoid arguing with them about the past.

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Leo Ex 

Leo wants adoration more than anything, which can be challenging for an ex to provide. A sincere compliment can go a long way, as it helps them feel validated. Leos can be self-absorbed, and you can't make them give back as much as you give. If you don't feel respected or appreciated, say so directly. Leave it up to them to reciprocate or leave them alone.

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Virgo Ex 

Virgos tend to be critical, but it's not something they do just to you; they're inclined to do it to anyone, especially themselves. Avoid the impulse to challenge their critiques. Instead, consider whether you want to hear a critique at all, and if you do, ask questions rather than advance your opinion. This approach will encourage Virgo to look deeper into their ideas and opinions.

Libra Ex 

Libra Ex
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Oddly enough, a healthy part of managing a relationship with a Libra ex is having a good old-fashioned argument from time to time. Be direct, not necessarily blunt, about your perception of what's happening. Libra will then feel like they have the space to address their concerns if they have any.

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Scorpio Ex

After a breakup, Scorpios may be tempted to seek revenge, but it's only effective if their ex-partner is visibly suffering. If you want peace with a Scorpio, it's best to take the initiative and express your desire for reconciliation. However, be careful not to give the wrong impression by getting too close or intimate. Maintaining a supportive and cordial relationship is key.

Sagittarius Ex 

Sagittarians tend to overcommit themselves, so sending them reminders is important if they've made plans with you. Avoid acting as their personal assistant by using discretion when reminding them. Sagittarians are generally easygoing and don't hold grudges, but don't rely on them too heavily, as they're often busy with other things.

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Capricorn Ex 

Capricorn Ex

Capricorns tend to hide their vulnerabilities by being busy or by micromanaging others. If they're being difficult about a parenting plan, recognize that it may be due to their own insecurities or feelings of being overwhelmed. Offering support without directly stating the reason may help ease tensions and improve the relationship.

Aquarius Ex 

Aquarians tend to appreciate and love the person, not the title they once held. They may hold a special place for their ex-partner even after the relationship ends. However, others may not understand this and be confused by any continued contact between the two. It's important to use discretion and be clear with current partners about the nature of the relationship with the Aquarius ex.

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Pisces Ex

A Pisces ex will often want to forgive and forget. However, this can be difficult for the partner who's been hurt. You may need more time to process the hurt. Being gentle and honest in your approach is important, as Pisceans can be fragile. Let them know you appreciate their desire to move forward but need a little more time. Try to avoid vague statements that might lead to misunderstandings. Speak directly about your feelings, and let them know you're trying to find a way forward that works for both of you. You can rebuild a friendship with your Pisces ex with time and patience.

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