Budgeting Horoscope for Smart Signs

By Nataly Porter May 10, 2021
Sometimes it becomes too hard to plan your future expenses and spend money sensibly. Can your zodiac sign be responsible for the tendency for spendthrifting or excessive frugality? Read our useful horoscope tips, and learn how to control your budget effectively!

Get budgeting tips for your sign!


March 21 - April 19

As your sign is ruled by Mars, you can be very impulsive in your purchases. Seeing a lovely dress or an elegant pullover you can’t stand its magnetism and buy it at once. It’s important for you to be ahead of the game too, that’s why you need to purchase the hottest things you see in a shop window. To cope with your hasty decisions try to leave your credit card at home taking the minimum amount of money you need, or ask your friend to accompany you and stop you in case you decide to buy something too expensive or unnecessary.

Budgeting Horoscope for Aries


April 20 - May 20

You enjoy luxury and luxurious things because your ruling planet Venus demands the stuff that can give you both aesthetic and sensual pleasure. Your taste for collecting various sets makes you buy lots of things that you don’t actually need, but still keep purchasing. To fight this weakness remind yourself that your belongings are not you; think of nature that can be enjoyed for free, as well as dozens of other pleasant things like a warm bath or a massage from your loved one.


May 21 - June 20

You need to know everything about everyone, read every magazine, and talk to all of your acquaintances daily. Your phone expenses are too big, and your entertainment budget often exceeds all possible limits. You can think of another way to solve this problem – read newspapers online and choose unlimited mobile tariff to keep your expenses down without limiting your communication.


June 21 - July 22

IKEA is your second home, and you spare no expense to buy a new cozy armchair or a lovely tiny coffee table. Try to keep in mind that although your house is the place you live in and it should be nice and warm you don’t need to buy every single soup ladle or bedside table that you like. The moon that rules your zodiac sign rules your emotions too, and your hardest task is to learn how to control your impulsive purchases. If you feel you can buy something you don’t really need just stay home and don’t approach your laptop to avoid online shopping as well.

Budgeting Horoscope for Cancer


July 23 - August 22

You can’t resist the temptation of buying flashy and fashionable things that will impress your friends, and often forget that Prada handbags and Dior dresses can’t be cheap. Parties and theatre-going are two other passions of yours, and they’re not low-priced either, so if you can’t afford all these things just try to stay away from them. Another option is to look for posh outfits in second-hand shops or learn how to mix less expensive clothes. Remember that to look gorgeous you need to feel gorgeous!


August 23 - September 22

Your body is what you spend money on with no regret and beyond measure. Organic foods, expensive gyms, multiple spa therapies – for you your body is the most precious thing. This statement is hard to disagree with, but don’t forget that you can take care of your body without spending hundreds of dollars on it. Take regular walks in a park, look for natural products at the local market, and do more exercise at home. Your body is unaware of your gym expenses, but it would really appreciate fresh air, healthy homemade meals, and your good mood!


September 23 - October 23

Venus that rules your sign makes you romantic and prodigal at the same time. You’re ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a perfect date even if after it you’ll have to stretch your last ten dollars to the next payday. How to solve the problem? It’s very easy! Choose a park picnic instead of a five-star restaurant, or invite your date to the cinema instead of an opera house. Simple doesn’t mean bad, while luxurious doesn’t mean eye-catching.

Budgeting Horoscope for Libra


October 24 - November 22

You find it hard to restrict yourself to a limited sum of money – you may spend your monthly income on innumerable little things to decorate your bedroom, or on multiple toys that will be piled on your child’s bed. Going to extremes is your life motto, and you hold the same position with your expenses, too. Try to become less extravagant, and ask your close people to help you in case you find it too hard to control the situation.


November 23 - December 21

Your ruling planet is Jupiter, a well-known god of excess. You can become too enthusiastic about things, and start thinking that although one is good three is still better. It’s time for you to mind your wallet and learn to stop when it’s necessary. Try to switch off and think of something not related to money – religion, your moral obligations, and your close ones. Get occupied with church service or helping the poor instead of window shopping, and you’ll soon see that it’s the closest way to heaven.


December 22 - January 19

Status and reputation are of major importance for you, and you are never tired of proving you’re the best and deserve the best things only. But this way of life may cause many problems, as your wish to seem better than others can lead you to debt disaster. Keep it in mind that not every Capricorn owns a golf course or a new Lamborghini, and not having them doesn’t mean being unhappy. If you can’t give up fancy clothes spend your weekend at home instead of taking an expensive trip or going to a pricey restaurant.

Budgeting Horoscope for Capricorn


January 20 - February 19

You prefer to spend money on the things that help you feel you’re ahead of the times, whether it is a new gadget, money spent on charity, or help to the third world countries. Sometimes you go overboard in your ambitions and your money flows away too quickly and easily. Think of what you can do without undergoing extra expenses – organize a special nonprofit fund to help the needy, or find a job in such an organization and keep helping others for free.


February 20 - March 20

You easily get addicted to things that require your money regularly like buying the latest music albums or blu-ray movie disks. You can’t give up such things, as they constitute a very important part of your life. Switch your attention to the websites that offer free online music recordings and streaming movies – in this way you’ll save quite a huge sum of money without giving up what you really like.

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