Best Ways To Make Him Crazy For You

By Diana Dec 01, 2023
The exhilarating thrill of having someone's heart race just for you! Whether in the fresh, dizzying stages of a new relationship or looking to reignite that age-old flame, there's always room to dial up the romance. Dive in as we unveil tried-and-true strategies to make him utterly and hopelessly crazy for you, ensuring that the romantic fires burn brighter with each passing day!

1. Avoid Inciting Jealousy

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Tempting as it may be, trying to make him jealous can often backfire. While a dash of mystery keeps things interesting, intentionally sparking jealousy can lead to doubt and insecurity. Instead of playing such games, focus on building a foundation of trust and transparency. Genuine connections thrive on security and understanding, not on ploys or schemes. Stay authentic, and he'll value your relationship even more.

2. Express Your Love Frequently

Little reminders go a long way! It's not always about grand gestures; sometimes, a simple text or a handwritten note can make his day. By sprinkling these small affirmations of your love, you keep the connection lively and remind him of your deep affection. So, drop that sweet message or give him an unexpected hug – these moments will keep the spark alive!

3. Increase Physical Intimacy

It's more than just kisses and cuddles. Daily gestures, like holding hands or a pat on the back, build a warm connection. These touchpoints, both big and small, draw you closer and create a cozy bond. Prioritize these moments of closeness, and watch your connection deepen. Physical intimacy is a silent communicator of love and care.

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4. Resolve Disputes Before Sleeping

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Arguments are natural, but letting them linger? Not so much. Make it a rule: no going to bed angry. Discuss, understand, and make amends. Clearing the air before bedtime ensures a fresh start every morning. It's about cherishing the bond more than winning the argument. Addressing concerns or resolving disputes before bedtime ensures that negativity doesn't linger. Plus, who doesn't love making up?

5. Ensure Personal Freedom Exists

Every individual needs their 'me time'. While being inseparable feels sweet, a little space helps both of you breathe and grow. Let him have his guy nights or solo moments. Similarly, treasure your time with friends or personal hobbies. In a relationship, two wholes make the perfect pair. Remember, granting freedom doesn't mean growing apart; it means growing stronger as individuals and as a couple. Celebrate your togetherness, but also cherish the individual in you!

6. Rely on Trust Profoundly

Trust is the heart's currency in the bank of love. It's not just about believing he won't let you down but also about creating a space where both can share fearlessly and freely. When trust exists, doubts diminish, and love amplifies. Build it, guard it, and let it be the pillar of your relationship. When trust thrives, love survives and shines brighter. Trust is love's strongest armor and its softest embrace. Invest in it!

7. Unleash Unexpected Surprises

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Everyone loves a good surprise, especially when it comes from the heart. It's not about expensive gifts; it's the thought that counts. Maybe cook his favorite meal on a weekday or leave a sweet note in his pocket. These gestures, big or small, show you're thinking of him, even in the midst of everyday hustle. These unexpected moments create lasting memories, adding a sprinkle of magic to the everyday. Keep him on his toes, and let love be the delightful surprise you gift each other, time and again!

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8. Keep The Flirting Alive

Flirting isn't just for new couples; it's the secret spice for long-term lovebirds, too! A cheeky text, a playful wink, or a light tease can rekindle that early dating thrill. It adds zest, breaks the monotony, and is a fun reminder of your initial spark. You're never too old or too deep into a relationship to flirt. By keeping the playful banter alive, you ensure your relationship remains vibrant, youthful, and always a bit exciting. So, keep the flirt game strong; it's like a mini-vacation from routine!

9. Show Affection Publicly

While love is a personal journey, occasionally wearing your heart on your sleeve can be delightful. You don't need grand gestures—just holding hands during a walk or a simple arm around the waist at gatherings can make a world of difference. These public affirmations tell him he's special and show the world he's yours. And while it's not about proving your love to others, a little public display of affection can reinforce your bond and make both of you feel valued and cherished in each other's eyes. After all, love is a beautiful thing to share!

10. Recollect the Roots of Your Love

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Every love story has its magical beginnings. Whether it was a chance meeting, a shared joke, or an awkward first date, those initial moments are treasures. Revisiting them, be it by rewatching the first movie you saw together, wearing that special perfume, or simply talking about those initial butterflies, can reignite passion. Remembering where it all started not only brings warmth and nostalgia but also reminds you both of the journey you've undertaken. By cherishing the roots, you fortify the tree of your relationship, letting it grow tall and strong. Let the memories be the wind beneath your love's wings!

While every relationship is unique, certain universal truths can keep the magic alive. By focusing on mutual respect, trust, and genuine affection, you can ensure that he's not only crazy for you today but remains so for many tomorrows to come. Happy loving!

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