Are You a Money Magnet in February?

Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Although estimating the financial inflow you can expect in February, dear Capricorn, is a pretty hard task, you can be sure that your fortune will shine bright. Your income will stay more or less stable; on the other hand, you can soon expect to get other sources of income that will add to your welfare. However, be more cautious about participating in investments. Avoid unreasonable risks and always check if the gains are more significant than possible losses. At work, you can expect recognition and minor success. You will get a chance to express your creative skills and bright potential. Besides, the asteroid Juno will go retrograde in the 10th House of Capricorn raising some serious questions concerning your work commitments. Mercury that will go retrograde in the 3rd House of the sign will place the Caps in the least favorable position. Use the time to review your important documents and create backups if necessary.