April Changes for Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Apr 04, 2023
With so many changes now having touched our world, the future seems rather vague and scary. However, there is always sunshine after rain and stars say it's true! What changes has the Universe prepared for your sign in April? Find it below to learn!


Social Aries natives may find it pretty hard to communicate this April due to some negative planetary influences. However, you can search for creative ways to stay in touch with others. On April 3, romantic Venus enters social Gemini allowing you to find ways of spending time with your dear ones. On April 11, health-conscious Mercury will enter your sign, dear Aries, and will encourage you to stay fit. To cope with the task, you can try jogging, practicing yoga, or give a chance to an Instagram workout. Starting on April 19, your attention will switch to finances and possessions, and you’ll be eager to start the spring cleaning. The Moon will start a new cycle on April 22 and will slow things down a bit. When Mercury enters Taurus on April 27, you’ll feel calmer and more peaceful.

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April is a good month to give more attention to your health, dear Taurus. After April 3, the risks of being overwhelmed by certain events and emotions increase, so do your best to keep to your regular lifestyle to avoid unwanted shocks. After the money-focused Mercury enters Aries on April 11, you may get new financial opportunities – try to use them wisely. On April 19, the Sun will enter your 1st House of Appearance, bringing you more confidence. Use this time to produce the best impression on important people. Pluto will go retrograde starting from April 25, and this period is favorable for those who want to change something in their romantic relationships. When Mercury enters your sign on April 27, you’ll get the urge to change your attitude toward money and spend less, saving more. See how to make the right decisions during this period! 


On April 3, lovely Venus enters curious Gemini encouraging you to communicate with your friends and stay in touch with your colleagues. During this period, try the pieces of advice you’ve received earlier and check how it works for you. On April 11, home-loving Mercury will enter the passionate Aries and will give you the urge to stay at home. Do it, but be careful and try to avoid burnout. On April 19, the Sun will enter your 12th House of Inner Growth, dear Gemini, giving you a chance to change your attitude to the world around you and practice mindfulness. Starting from April 25, Pluto, a planet responsible for wellness, will go retrograde, and you’ll think more about what you’ve done than about what you can achieve in the future. After April 27, you can relax and slow down a bit.

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The Sun will fill April with its energy bringing you heaps of inspiration. The period is great for a Cancer person to initiate a new project. Things at work will go smoothly, too, and you may even receive a promotion. Your relationships will flourish, too, but you have to be careful not to push too hard. When you have to make a serious decision, evaluate all pros and contras first and only then take action. In April, dear Cancer, all the communication problems will take a back seat. On April 7, a fight between the Moon, Mars, and Uranus can make you act too impulsively, so please be careful not to hurt those you love. After April 11, you’ll trust your instincts more and will be eager to share your feelings and your experience with others but make sure you choose the right audience. On April 19, the Sun will highlight your 11th House of Friendship and will encourage you to establish active communication with your friends. After April 25, try to be more open to fresh ideas.


Have you recently thought about changing your career, dear Leo? The time is best after April 3, as you’ll see heaps of new opportunities. On April 11, the financially-wise Mercury enters ambitious Aries making you change your attitude to finances in general and your financial situation in particular. On April 19, the Sun will come into your 10th House of Career and Public Image, marking a good period for strengthening your presence in line. From April 25, Pluto will go retrograde, and you’d better use this period to see what you can get from the outer world and how you can make your family stronger and more consolidated. At the end of the month, give time to fixing the broken things.

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Not sure about your financial plans? Starting from April 3, you can ask others for advice as money-related Venus enters curious Gemini on this day. To make this advice work, however, you will have to deal with a lot of information. As Mercury will enter Aries on April 11, you’ll have many ideas concerning your job and future career. To remember them all and make better use of them, start a journal and keep track of your thoughts. The Sun will go through your 9th House of Adventure; you will be able to use the time for searching new travel destinations you can make use of in the future. When the career-wise Mercury enters ambitious Taurus on April 27, you’ll be able to manage your time better. Stay away from multitasking and give more time and energy to your fave hobby.


As Venus comes to the sign of Gemini on April 3, you’ll get more chances for online communication and will get a good dose of social interaction. When passionate Mars moves against impulsive Uranus on April 7, you can feel you’re more impulsive than ever. Try to stay as calm as possible during the period. When messenger Mercury moves through the sign of Aries, starting from April 11, you’ll look at your life more positively. When the Sun comes to your 8th House of Transformation on April 19, you’ll change, too. Be more attentive to your inner world during this period. Starting from April 25, think of what is essential for you.


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April energy will make you interested in many things, from the easiest to the most complicated ones. It’s not so important what you’re occupied with; what matters is how the process fulfills you and makes you better. Scorpio natives will decide to try many new things during the month, from visiting new places to bed experiences with their significant others. In April, you’ll have many things to try and decide what you like. Single Scorpio people will be able to meet a partner they’ve long been dreaming about, and he or she will stay with them for long. Be careful, however – don’t let love fill the whole of your life and leave some space for your career and friends.

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Starting from the very beginning of April, you’ll give much energy to strengthening the connections between you and your family. You can arrange tea parties at home and invite all your dear ones to join you. Sags will feel relaxed when surrounded by those who love them and will realize how important it is to preserve a quality relationship. In April, you’ll feel more energetic than before and will get the urge to use this energy in your working sphere. You will work like a dream and will greatly surprise your colleagues. You’ll generate many fresh ideas. Your wish to learn more and get smarter will reach its maximum in April. You’ll decide to take new courses or at least read much about what interests you. If such a chance appears and the weather is good, you’ll be happy to go for a run or ride a bike in a local park.


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April will shift your attention to your family. Unfortunately, conflicts are still possible, and they can bring some uncertainty to your relationships. You will have to take sides, although it’s rather hard for you. Caps tend to quarrel with some family reps, which can lead to further problems. Relax more, dear Capricorn – start with yoga and meditation and take regular walks. As for your romantic relationships, dear Capricorn, April will be a very positive month in this respect. Thanks to this, sings Caps will find it super easy to find the one. However, the same is true for long-lasting relationships, too – your passion is going to be as fierce as never before.


In April, you’re going to feel rather restless, dear Aquarius. It will be hard for you to stay in one place and even harder to finish the things you’ve started earlier. To reduce the level of tension that’s torturing you, if possible, practice walks and exercises as well as other activities that will help you unwind. When you feel you’re calm enough, you can get back to your normal pace of life. April is going to become a month of changes when it concerns your career as well. If you feel that your current job doesn’t satisfy you, you’d better do something about it. Aquarians feel best in the places where they get an opportunity to bring their ideas to life and be their masters, at least a bit.


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Dear Pisces, please be more careful when it concerns money. April can bring about some unexpected expenses and saddle you with debts. If you have some money saves, there are high chances you’ll have to spend it all this month. You may have to pay for many things at once and may even have to get a loan to cover all the expenses. If a Pisces person can’t get financial support from their close people, they can resort to other companies. However, make sure you check them thoroughly afterward and verify their credibility. Certain health problems can be expected, too. Make sure you stick to a fitness regime, exercise enough, and eat healthy food.

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