2019 Horoscope For Free

Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

Year 2019 will be your positive year in general, but, of course, some issues are inevitable. Your health will be better than in 2018 during almost the whole of 2019 with the exception of late November and December. Uranus, your Planet of Love, will transit to your sign’s House of Marriage which makes it possible for you to settle down. Your social life in the year ahead will be more active than in 2018. The year 2019 will be that of prosperity yet you will have to face some challenges in terms of finances. Your friendships will face some obstacles, too. A betrayal will be possible so you should be careful whom you trust. Breaking connections with some old pals of yours will be a must. At the same time, year 2019 will be good for meeting new people and becoming friends with them. It will be possible to meet a person who may become your life-long friend. Year 2019 will be rich in sudden changes, and you will have to learn to adapt to them. Any kind of stagnation will be impossible in 2019. The spheres you will be interested in are finances, health, travel, and social activities. Be prepared for lots of long distance travels.