2019 Horoscope For Free

Apr. 20 - May. 20

In 2019 the planets of radical change will be entering your sign. You should prepare for a whole year of changes, shifts, and even little revolutions which won’t necessarily be bad for you though. As an earthy Taurus native, you will be able to keep both feet firmly on the ground. It will surely take you some time to adapt to the volatility of Mars and Uranus which are entering your sign in 2019 but then you will find some positive aspects of it. Overall, this will be a year of hard work and self-improvement being exceptionally rewarding. Don’t be overzealous though, as your health should be your main focus. Your physical health was decent during 2018 and it will continue to be so for the most of 2019 but you should be careful with it when Saturn transits towards Capricorn on April 29. Don’t waste your precious energy on things that are not of main importance for you.