2019 Horoscope For Free

Jan. 20 - Feb. 19

For the past several years, you have been enjoying the period of personal growth and spiritual transformation. You have also managed to achieve significant financial and intellectual improvements. This progress has been promoted by Neptune, the most spiritual of all planets. You can expect further developments in all these spheres in the coming year. The purpose of the experience you have gained may yet be unclear to you. But you should not cast doubt upon the plan behind it. Jupiter, entering your 9th house on October 26, will clarify the meaningfulness of everything that you have been through. Apart from career developments and otherworldly aspirations, you will get a chance to understand your true purpose in life. However, you should be on your guard, as Saturn’s transit from Cancer to Leo may present some challenges for your health and social sphere. Some changes in your family life may be evoked by Mars’ transit in your 4th house of home and family. Until October 26, you will be focused on philosophy, religion, foreign travel, and education. The rest of the year will be dedicated to career and intellectual interests.