15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Cheating in Relationships

By Paul Barrett Sep 04, 2023
Cheating is much more difficult topic than some people might think.

Dishonesty has become increasingly common among certain individuals in contemporary times. This behavior can often trigger significant emotional upheaval for the betrayed partner, making it harder for them to trust again and causing the past transgression to continue to impact their present.

However, there are some lesser-known realities regarding infidelity that many of us remain unaware of.

1. A Cheating Partner Usually Chooses Someone They Know Beforehand

Individuals who engage in dishonest behavior frequently opt to choose someone they are already acquainted with, as the burden of guilt seems less significant in such situations. Additionally, they have a greater likelihood of successfully concealing their transgressions. When dealing with someone they know, there is no need for introductions or formalities, which further facilitates their deception. In the event that their deception is discovered, they can often attempt to pass it off as a mere reunion between old friends.

2. Cheating and What We Accept As Sin Differs From Person to Person

The definition of what constitutes a transgression can vary considerably from one individual to the next. For certain individuals, even a simple embrace or meeting without informing their partner may be considered an act of infidelity, whereas others might only view maintaining contact with an ex-partner as crossing the line. For some, a mere kiss can be considered the gravest of offenses, regardless of whether anything more occurs. It is crucial for individuals to recognize and respect their partner's limits and boundaries, and if they become aware that they are approaching those boundaries, to cease their behavior immediately.

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3. Those Who Fake Orgasms More Often Are More Likely to Cheat

The physical aspect of a romantic relationship is often regarded as a highly intimate and sacred component of love. Unfortunately, some individuals may feign pleasure or intimacy during such encounters, thereby misleading their partner. In such instances, the likelihood of cheating is significantly increased.

However, men typically exhibit the opposite trend in this regard. If a man is aware that his partner is genuinely satisfied with their physical relationship, his emotional needs are typically met, and he is less likely to engage in infidelity.

15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Cheating in Relationships
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4. Some People Are So Scared to Lose Their Relationship That They Choose to Ignore the Cheating Partner. 

There are instances where individuals are so deeply in love with their partner that they may allow their partner's infidelity to go unchallenged if they believe it brings their partner happiness. This situation is particularly prevalent among married couples who fear the possibility of detachment and emotional upheaval should they confront their partner about their infidelity.

5. Lack of Chemistry is Many a Times a Driving Force In Partners to Cheat

For many men, the level of chemistry and closeness they share with their partner is often considered the most critical factor in their relationship. Such an item frequently stands out on their list of priorities, highlighted in bold colors. As such, if the chemistry and intimacy they desire are absent from their current relationship, they may seek out other opportunities that better meet their needs.

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6.  Dishonesty Does Not Always Mean a Person's Relationship Is Not Going Well. Those Who Want to Cheat Will Cheat. With or Without Reason.

It is essential to recognize that engaging in dishonest or unfaithful behavior does not always stem from underlying problems in the individual's current relationship. Often, such individuals disregard the feelings and genuine love they share with their partner, allowing their interests to shift toward others. Unfortunately, in their pursuit of personal satisfaction, they tend to overlook the potential harm their actions can inflict on their partner's emotions. Ultimately, such behavior not only causes pain to the betrayed party but also shatters their faith in relationships altogether.

7. Women Choose The Path of Being Unfaithful to Break Up

In comparison to men, women often struggle to express their true feelings openly and honestly. Instead, they may seek the path of least resistance to terminate a relationship. Unfortunately, this approach may lead them to end up with the very person they least desire. When it comes to women, they may anticipate their partner to understand their emotions without the need for explicit communication.

15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Cheating in Relationships
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8. One Should Never Opt for The Payback Game 

No matter how tempting the idea of playing the payback game may seem, it is essential to avoid such an option. Pursuing this path usually leads to nothing but emotional turmoil and breakdowns. Furthermore, if your intention is to return to your partner, seeking revenge is by far the worst course of action. Remember, it is never worth sacrificing your own values and emotions, even if your partner has done so.

9. Dishonesty Can Be In an Emotional Way Too

It is important to note that dishonesty in any form is never acceptable. Emotional infidelity, in particular, may stem from one of two primary reasons. Firstly, if you fail to meet your partner's emotional needs, they may seek fulfillment elsewhere. Secondly, they may not have reached a level of emotional comfort and vulnerability with you, causing them to seek that connection elsewhere. Regardless of the reason, being caught in emotional infidelity can cause immense hurt to the betrayed party.

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10. Dishonesty is Often Influenced By Social Platforms

Social media is a world filled with illusions and falsehoods. Although you may not necessarily want to share every detail of your personal life online, you may still be tempted to keep a watchful eye. This vivid and captivating world, adorned with unrealistic images and ideas, can even spark feelings of infidelity by tempting you with your hidden desires. However, succumbing to these desires and cheating on your partner is never the right course of action.

11. Dishonesty is Often a Deliberate Action To Make a Partner Feel Worse and Rejected

It's important to acknowledge that individuals who cheat on their partners often do so intentionally. In some cases, they may even deliberately wait to be caught because they know that the betrayed party is likely to end the relationship. Furthermore, the cheating individual may take pleasure in this outcome, as they are now attracted to the other person and care little about the emotional pain that their partner will experience. However, it is crucial to remember that infidelity always carries significant consequences, both for the person being cheated on and for the relationship as a whole.

15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Cheating in Relationships
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12. For Ladies, It's Usually the Hormones That Actually Do the Sin Part.

It is often claimed that women's hormones can contribute to infidelity. During their ovulation period, women's bodies may crave the affection and attention of their partners, and if these needs are not met, they may be more likely to stray. However, it is important to recognize that hormones alone cannot fully explain why individuals choose to cheat. Ultimately, the decision to engage in infidelity is a complex and multifaceted one that is influenced by a variety of psychological, emotional, and social factors.

13. The Joy of Cheating and Having an Active Sex Life Often Leads to More Active Senses

Yes, it sounds bad, but it's sometimes true. Such actions can lead to a great positive impact starting from the active senses. The pleasure of having more than just one active partner and an active sex life provides you with no stress guarantee!

14. Lack of Cleanliness Also Lead Towards Cheating

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial, especially when it comes to relationships. Girls tend to be highly sensitive to this aspect and consider it their top priority. If there is any deficiency in hygiene, there is a high likelihood that your partner might cheat on you in the future. Therefore, maintaining personal hygiene as well as cleanliness in the surroundings is essential.

15. Definition of Love Differs

Love can be defined differently for different people. While for some, it may mean a physical connection, for others it may mean an emotional one. If a person finds both in a single partner, the chances of cheating are usually low. However, there are individuals who may feel sexually attracted to someone else and may not consider it wrong.

15 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Cheating in Relationships
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